In an old comic strip which some of you might remember, the central character, Pogo, uttered the time honored phrase, “We have met the enemy and they are Us”!  Today we see that reality in newspapers, magazines, TV and social media.  We also see it in colleges reflected by the actions and words of many of the students and their professors as well as Hollywood entertainers including some in the music industry.  As bad as this is, the worst are the elected representatives in government who mouth hate speech, profanity and physical threats against their opposition.  When did this start and who are the guilty ones?

Politics has always raised the blood pressure of citizens in our country but rarely has it reached the level we see today.  It began during the presidential election last year and continued to spiral downward after Trump’s victory over Clinton.  It’s a spectacle that hasn’t been seen in modern times and each day seems to exceed the last in terms of bad behavior.  In the past, members of both parties have exchanged heated words but today, the Democrats have to admit to owning the responsibility for political threats, violence and infantile behavior.  The list is long as is the cast of bad characters and we don’t have enough space in this newspaper much less this column to record them all.

Since when did it become the norm to threaten the President of the country with violence and death threats?  Why is it acceptable for many of the Democrat supporters, including media commentators and officials of The Democratic Party (Phil Montag and Chelsey Tipton), to cheer when James Hodgkinson, a deranged leftist supporter of Bernie Sanders,  shot a congressman merely because he was a Republican.  It should be noted that only one of those officials was fired.  Another Democrat, Scott Hamann, posted in a rant punctuated with obscenities that, “Trump would only be a half-term President if Hamann got within 10 feet of him”.  In the few short months since Trump was elected, over 20 Democrats have mentioned impeaching him although most of them haven’t made up their minds about what they would impeach him for.  Even a Supreme Court Justice told a NY Times interviewer that if Trump was elected she’d move to New Zealand.  I sure hope Ms. Ginsburg will recuse herself from any Trump related cases.  Hillary’s running mate, Democrat Senator Tim Kaine, called for Democrats to fight in the streets against Trump.  Two months later his son was arrested for throwing smoke bombs into a Trump rally.  If Clinton had won this fool would have been our Vice President!  Obama’s former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, posted a video the month after Trump was inaugurated urging people to march, bleed and die to resist Trump!  Even Sarah Silverman, a speaker at the Democrat’s National Convention, called for a military coup against Trump during the Berkley riots. Wow!  That really makes me want to join the Democrats – the party of hate; Lots of luck with your new recruiting program.  

Meanwhile in Hollywood……What kind of Kool-Aid are entertainers drinking when they create videos of themselves making believe they’re assassinating the President? (Snoop Dogg).  Speaking of assassinations – Why on earth would the NY Times agree to sponsor a play in NY featuring the killing of a president made up to look like Trump?  Not to be left out, Kathy Griffin proudly posted a photo of her holding Trump’s decapitated head!  CNN released her but, others applauded her actions.  BuzzFeed, an internet media outlet, had their Director of Social Media expressing her wishes for Trump’s assassination while her co-workers cheered her on.  BuzzFeed also posted their office party celebrating the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  Of course Rosie O’Donnell had to get in the act with a tweet insinuating that Trump’s 10 year old son was autistic followed by other so-called comics claiming he would be the 1st home schooled shooter, rapist, arsonist – pick one!  Afraid of missing out, rapper Shad Moses tweeted to his followers that he wanted to “pimp the 1st Lady and make her work for us”.  Then there’s Madonna who announced at a women’s march that she’s thought about blowing up the White House – this was the day after Trump’s inauguration!  Every one of these wonderful people are staunch Democrats and they’re encouraged by the DNC’s leadership which exhorts them with profanity to new extremes.

What about our professional journalists?  They’re not sitting on their hands. The Huffington Post published an article by Jason Fuller calling for, “Trump’s execution for treason along with those who support his agenda”!  The paper later pulled the article after receiving a major outcry.  Then there’s the reporter and author, hard core Liberal David C. Johnson, who claimed while being interviewed on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow, that the 1st lady, Melania, “did very sleazy porn”. 

Our educational institutions aren’t immune to the hysteria.  The University of Central Florida’s Knights for Socialism set up a piñata with Trump’s face for visiting grade schoolers to smash with a bat.  During the Berkley riots a university professor, Eric Clanton, was arrested for wearing a mask while beating Trump supporters with a U-shaped bicycle lock.

Today, the question I have is:  Are the Democrats just recruiting Ugly Americans or do they become that way only After they join the party?

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.