As most of you know, this past weekend was the cardboard boat races, as well as Rock the Dock at Dam Site Marina. What a weekend! This weekend, though exhausting, reminds me of what I love about my job. Over the four years of my career I have met some truly exceptional people. This weekend was no exception. I was fortunate to get to know the people who won the Pride of them Fleet award on Saturday. This was the group, the Simonton Sinkers, though luckily for them their boats, the USS Bob and Shark Bait, did not sink. Although the USS Bob, the dragon boat was taking just a little bit of water at the finish line. The story behind their venture into the cardboard boat races will be in Friday’s edition of The Sun Times (hopefully) as well as the story of the couple Danny and Angie Carson from Sherwood who have been building a boat for the last couple of years as a tribute to two of Angie’s uncles. I really love not only hearing those stories but sharing them with readers too.

This week I am working remotely from my daughter and son in law’s for the first part of the week. They are on vacation and so the grandma’s (Chance’s mom and myself) have split up baby duty, watching Holden. Of course everyone knows this is like a bonus! Holden is really getting mobile, especially in the walker I got him before he was even born. As I type this he is bumping my chair with it. Yesterday, he cornered me in the kitchen trying to run over me with it. Of course I don’t mind, except when he tries to run over my broke big toe. OUCH! Last night he was trying to climb up on me in the chair and proceeded to step on that same toe. Luckily, grandma is still a little faster than him and moved my foot before he could actually make contact with that toe! It is such a joy watching him grow and discover things. This morning he was looking in a blocks wagon/bucket and saw all the blocks in it and it was so funny! He looked over at me with his mouth making a perfect O, like WOW look what I found!  His mama and daddy have been facetiming with me several times a day and poor Holden just doesn’t get it. He can see them but he tries to grab them and only gets the phone or the Ipad and he doesn’t understand it. As I type this I’m cracking up because he is crashing into everything with the walker, it’s like watching bumper cars! He has this look on his face right now that just screams, “This is exhausting! Why can’t everything be outta my way? I have places to go!”

There is nothing like grans! They are a parent’s reward for surviving our children’s teen years! It’s getting close to lil man’s morning nap time so I’ll wrap this up.

Until next time...