If you didn’t attend the Single Parent Scholarship Fund Karaoke and Talent competition Friday night, you missed it! Performances were pretty awesome, especially Chris Malone’s rendition of Greased Lightning from the movie Grease! Needless to say, Malone won the Karaoke competition. Katie Bennett performed an awesome clog/tap dance and tied with Jacob Bliss who juggled/twirled fire for his talent. Both kids were spectacular. Having been in talent competitions and beauty pageants growing up, I know how terrifying it can be to get up in front of people and perform, so my hat is off to all the competitors!

The beauty pageants that followed on Saturday were pretty fun too. Of course it is always fun to watch the really little ones, who sometimes don’t want to walk and model for the judges. This should be a hint to parents that maybe what you want isn’t what they want. Pageants aren’t cheap so be sure your child really wants to do this before spending your money. Just a word of advice to someone who has been there and done that. Some of the little ones were really cute blowing kisses and smiling for the judges! I’m glad I didn’t have to be a judge when it came to the bigger girls pageants though. My picks matched the judges pretty well but I still wouldn’t have wanted to judge.

Between the pageants on Saturday, I got to go out on the lake with my co-worker, DeeDee and her hubby, Allen, on their boat and that was pretty awesome too! Except that the water was really choppy which made for a sometimes bouncy ride. When you are on the lake though a little bouncing can be just fine. Thanks for letting me tag along!!

School starts next week so be careful and watch out for kids and school buses. Put down that phone and pay attention to your driving! It seems that even though we hear about accidents and now there is a new law with a hefty fine for using your phone while driving, I still see people all the time not paying attention because they are texting while driving. It is a real shame that sometimes it takes someone dying for others to start paying attention. Try not to be the reason someone else (or yourself) suffers because you had to text. I doubt the text was that important.

Kids, remember to start getting to bed a little earlier this week so that next week when you have to go to bed early, for real, you won’t feel quite as sleep deprived. You know that sleep deprivation is a prime torture used against prisoners of war. So get your good nights sleep and study hard!

Until next time...