This past week was so crazy busy I’m still trying to catch up with myself! Besides the normal crazy that goes along with being in the newspaper business it was the Heber Springs Chamber of Commerce Business Expo held at the Heber Springs Community Center. I think it was a success, although I thought there would be more people coming through. But then I only have the Pine Bluff Business Expo to compare it to and it is a tad bigger.

The booths were all decorated with Superhero themes and some even dressed up as Superheroes, including myself and my team. I was dressed as Batwoman, DeeDee was Superwoman, Stormie was Spiderwoman and our beloved boss Tee was Wonder Woman. If you were there I’m sure you saw us. Being a Superhero is not an easy task, especially when you have a tutu instead of a cape and it won’t stay positioned as it should! Luckily, I don’t have to wear it everyday and we didn’t have any outbreaks of crime during the expo so I didn’t have to kick in my “Super powers”.

The Chamber did a great job on the Expo and I think it was a great opportunity for businesses to network. Thanks to my boss Tee Hicks for coming up to be a part of it with us!

Most of you won’t know this but avid followers of my column will, Thursday is my birthday! YAY! I am that person who believes birthdays should be the absolute one day of the year that you should be special. I always work to make those around me feel special on their birthday! It does bother me that I am old in numbers. Most days I don’t feel my age (currently 55) and other days I feel twice my age! I can finally say I actually feel smarter than when I was much younger so I guess that is where wisdom comes from…

On Saturday I will be traveling to Humnoke to celebrate my grandson, Holden’s First birthday. His birthday actually isn’t until the 17th, but seeing that’s a weeknight we are doing his party on Saturday. Of course, Holden won’t really understand what’s going on but he will understand yummy cake and ice cream and new toys! Can’t wait to see him again!!

Hope you are thinking of your zombie costume for the After Dark in the Park event on October 28.

Until next time...