If you’re able to read this, thank your Mother for deciding Not to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with you!  If reading that sentence makes you angry with Me then You have a problem and I’m Not It!
     Recently, there has been an endless dialogue about Planned Parenthood (PP), its primary function and taxpayer funding.  A large part of the conflicting statements by the opposing sides of the abortion dispute are created by Planned Parenthood itself.  Very simply, they deliberately release vague statistics which invite misunderstanding.  They’ve been called on this more than once but, the problem continues because they don’t want to admit or advertise that they really are the nation’s undisputed leader in abortions!  Yes, you can Fact Check that statement.
     If you’re not a Christian or a humanitarian then the argument is moot.  After all, why would you care if a company financed by your tax dollars is murdering children who are unborn?  There’s a time honored statement that explains the mindset of a large number of those who support abortion:  
     “You Only question the Humanity of Unborn Children in order to make yourselves
       Comfortable with killing them for your own Selfish Convenience or Greed!”
That’s a pretty powerful statement but, what does it really mean?  It says that only those who believe that a child Doesn’t become human until After they’re Born will usually support abortion.  They try to believe this despite all of the medical and scientific evidence proving that unborn children ARE Children!  They feel pain, they move (Every mother-to-be knows that), they suck their thumbs and they have all of their body parts.  However, many women Still support abortion as a way to solve a personal problem which is usually brought on by their own carelessness or lack of moral fiber. From surveys, I’ve listed a few reasons below why these women support abortion:
  1.  You’re pregnant and you don’t want the child because:  
       a) It’s inconvenient.  b) It was a fling.  c) You’re not married.  d) It was an affair.
       e) You thought your partner used birth control.  f) You got drunk or drugged.
       g) You don’t know which guy it was.  h) It was casual and you don’t even like him.
       i)  A baby will change your life style.  j) It will ruin your career plans.  k) You Don’t
            want anyone to know, especially family, because you’re ashamed of your own
  2.  A family member or friend is pregnant, wants an abortion and you think it’s the best
       way for you to show your support for their decision to kill their own child.
  3.  You think an abortion is a convenient way out of a social jam.
  4.  You think it’s your body and you can do whatever you want with it!
  5.  You just Don’t Think - which probably sums up most of the other excuses!
There are many more reasons which people use to justify killing unborn children including rape, incest and medical requirements to save the mother’s life.  However, those make up only a tiny fraction of the roughly 325,000 abortions performed by PP staff each year (That’s almost 900 children murdered each day)!  Based upon reputable studies, roughly 2% or less of all terminated pregnancies were due to rape, incest or to save the mother’s life!  The other 98% were performed because of the mother’s lack of self-control for which the best solution they could think of was to kill their innocent child!

     Is PP a critical service provider for women’s health except as an abortion mill?  Not when you look at the services they provide other than abortion.  However, when you look at the locations PP has chosen for its centers you’ll find that 96% are located in minority neighborhoods or in the vicinity of colleges which gives you a good indication of the targets for their ‘services’ – minorities and the young.
     I won’t go into the views on negative eugenics promoted by PP founder, Margaret Sanger, because, despite her beliefs about population control through contraception and abortion, the PP clinics did not begin to provide abortion until after she had passed away. Her personal beliefs have no bearing on what the organization she founded focuses on today despite what some would have you believe.  Our focus should be on removing abortion from their list of services or, at least, the elimination of their funding by our government until they eliminate abortion from their menu.
     The best path to the prevention of abortion today is where women return to their historic role as the defenders of morality in society.  After all, under biological reality, they have the most at stake!  Women can take control if they make a conscious decision to grow up and step up to their responsibility.  Failing that, the alternative to abortion is adoption.  Sadly, only around 4% of unwanted children are put up for adoption while the waiting list of couples seeking to adopt grows.  This leads many couples to endure the expensive and time-consuming process of searching overseas for a child to love while hundreds of thousands of unwanted children are murdered each year for the sake of personal convenience by unthinking women.
     Rather than use our taxes to murder innocents, we should shift our resources toward making adoption simpler and more affordable while promoting self-control!
End of rant.  Have a blessed day.