Whew! I am still kicking after this bout with “the crud”. Yes, that is my official diagnosis from the doctor. It still has me with a lingering cough, but I believe for the most part, I am on my road to recovery. This girl doesn’t get sick often but it really put me down this time! I took vacation time over the Thanksgiving holiday to go down to South Arkansas to visit my children and participate in the 37th annual Duck Gumbo Championship cook-off. While there I enjoyed the Wings Over the Prairie Festival with friends, even riding a couple of rides with their kiddos. When I returned to Heber Springs on Sunday evening, I knew I was sick. I barely got half my car unloaded and figured the rest could wait. I was in bed by 6:30 p.m. that night! Any of you who know me or read my column regularly know I NEVER go to bed that early! Luckily, I was able to get into the White River Medical Center in Heber Springs and get seen that afternoon by Susannah Blackburn. After a shot and several prescriptions called in, this girl was back home in the bed! Thankfully, my good friend, Chris Stafiej picked up my prescriptions and brought them to me. Somehow, I managed to put the paper together for Wednesday during the brief time I was awake.  Hopefully, they were all right because, frankly, I don’t remember doing any of it. Please forgive any typos that were missed when proofing. I know there were a couple because I saw them later after I was feeling better, too late to fix before going to print though.

I believe I slept more from Sunday through Wednesday then I had in the previous week combined! Quite sure I needed the rest though and as everyone knows when you are sick, resting helps your body to heal. As soon as I am completely recovered this girl is going for a flu shot! I am not taking any chances of going down with it! The crud was bad enough for me.

If you were unfortunate enough to try and talk to me during this time, don’t count on me remembering any of the conversation. I’ve discovered several I had that I don’t remember one word of! So feel free to get in touch with me to refresh my memory if we discussed an event I need to cover.

I came out from the sickness in time to cover the 11th annual Toy Run on Saturday, the Jack Frost play and finally the Christmas parade in Heber Springs. All were wonderful and you just couldn’t ask for more beautiful weather for the toy run and the parade! I got so into the Christmas Spirit that I spend Sunday decorating my apartment, inside and out, for the holiday!! I always hate having to get out in the really cold to decorate but this year I didn’t and that was great!!

Thanks to all who checked on me, making sure if I needed anything or not, most of all thanks for the ongoing support of this community of truly wonderful people!!

Until next time...