‘Drain the Swamp’ was a catch phrase from Trump’s campaign for the Presidency.  Today, as events unfold, the basic truth of that statement grows with each new revelation of misdeeds by our elected representatives.  Compounding the mess, are the corresponding news headlines from the west coast which are revealing the unpleasant fact that there are two swamps that need draining – one in Washington DC comprised of elected officials who’ve overstayed their welcome and the other in Hollywood populated by the movie industry’s idols with feet of clay!  Why is it happening now and is the national media finally doing its job?
     The current history of immoral doings actually goes back decades and, in my opinion, a large part of the problem lies with the press. Once the media began to selectively protect their chosen icons, either political or those from the entertainment industry, they established a precedent which created an ‘untouchable’ class.  In politics, it was reinforced by seniority and the lack of term limits which entrenched our elected officials in cocoons of power.  Other politicians seduced the press with their movie idol charisma until they too became part of the untouchables.  Cokie Roberts of NPR recently admitted that she, and every other female reporter, knew for years which congressman they should Never share an elevator with!  Did any of these liberal journalists report what they knew?  Not one!  Would they have brought the issue to light if the miscreants had been Republicans?  In a NY minute!  Bill Clinton is an example, not just because he’s a Democrat but, because he’s our most recent illustration of how the media aids and abets bad behavior.  I’m fairly sure we’ll see problems with more media stars and elected officials from Both sides of the aisle before the dust settles because the Clintons are not alone when it comes to the abuse of power.  I also doubt that only one party knew of, and used, the congressional slush fund, created under Bill Clinton’s first term as President, to pay off women (and men) over the years - 260+ settlements involving $17 million in taxpayer funds!
     The only amusing part of this whole mess is that it was finally brought to light by the efforts of the Democrats, their lapdog media and followers from the entertainment industry in a misguided effort to tar Trump and his supporters.  While failing to do that, their efforts did finally embolden women who had been mistreated and abused over the years in both swamps to come forward and name names!  Once the dam broke, more women and men who had kept their mouths shut for fear of reprisal began to go public with past abuses.  Rather than undermining Trump, the national media now had their backs to the wall as several of their own talking head icons were swept up in the flood of accusations alongside those in DC and Hollywood.  It has now reached the tipping point as illustrated by many of these same media and entertainment figures beginning to back away from blindly supporting the perpetrators.  Suddenly, Bill Clinton’s antics over the years no longer seem to be excused by his boyishly good looks and party affiliation.  The same holds true for other powerful figures who have dominated their industry – Harvey Weinstein and John Conyers to name a few swamp denizens from both coasts.
     The dams of silence and the blind defense of bad behavior have finally been broken and the genie won’t be returning to the bottle any time soon.  As the walls crumble, there are still holdouts who to try to defend their fellow politicians just as there are still a few media members that keep their heads buried in the sand hoping it will all blow over and their poor judgment will be forgotten.  However, that doesn’t seem to be happening which makes their defense of the swamp denizens look even worse.
     I would like answers to these questions:  1) Why was the slush fund created?   2) Who created it?  3) What members of congress supported its creation?   4) Which members of congress used the slush fund and for what reason?
     There may be some surprises and disappointments when the truth finally comes out but, this is bigger than party affiliation!  Our representatives need to know that we want answers to the above questions.  Anyone who tries to defend the slush fund and its users are a part of the problem and need to be dumped with yesterday’s bath water!  The pendulum is starting to swing back.  We’re looking at the possibility of reversing progressive trends over the past decades where looking the other way, paying it off or sweeping it under the rug was the best that could be expected.  Has the media been complicit?  You bet!  If journalism still adhered to the high standards extolled under their banners this could never have occurred.  Selective enforcement cannot be allowed to continue as it did in the past administration’s department of justice under Holder and Lynch.
     Newsweek used to be a major force in the field of weekly periodicals until it was allowed to descend to the level of just another tabloid losing its credibility in the process before finally closing last year. Its demise should be an example.  The time is ripe to make changes starting with Term Limits if the DC swamp is finally going to be drained!
End of rant.  Have a blessed day.