Let me begin by saying this column is an opinion column, my opinion. Apparently I have offended someone recently about stating my opinion. The First Amendment gives me the right to state my opinion. It is neither right nor wrong because opinions are neither, they are opinions. Many times I state things in generalities so as to try and avoid “offending” someone and in this case that is how I offended this person. Obviously, this person must not regularly follow my column nor does he know me at all or he wouldn’t have been “offended”. I think in today’s society we worry way too much about “offending” someone and it is causing a detriment to our freedom of speech. Once again, this is my opinion and we all know what is said about opinions.

Now, speaking of freedom of speech, my grandson Holden has begun to say words and this past weekend I went down for a visit and apparently he has given me a grandma name. He kept calling me “Yeah Yeah” and I finally realized he wasn’t just saying that. He was calling ME that! So, I guess I am now Yeah Yeah (think of the Beatles song lyric, “She loves me Yeah Yeah Yeah”) and frankly, I think it suits me perfectly! That boy is something else! We played HARD for about 3-4 hours and when this Yeah Yeah headed home to Heber Springs, she was worn out! But oh what fun we had! We played ball, peek a boo, slid on the slide, and at least 20 other things! I daresay that lil man was worn out as well! I gave him his bath and dressed him for bed before I hit the trail, with a container of some of his mama’s homemade broccoli and cheese soup (which she was able to prepare because Yeah Yeah kept lil man occupied and out of the kitchen for the most part lol). Anytime I can spend with Holden is wonderful, doesn’t matter if it is 15 minutes or 15 hours, I’ll take all I can get!

I hope you are getting ready for Christmas, I have been. I am a little frustrated with myself because usually by this time I am completely DONE with Christmas shopping. But alas, with the new job I have found myself extremely busy and haven’t gotten to shop throughout the year as I normally do. I’m getting close to being done though, just a few items for my son and his partner and a couple of my friends left to get. I promised my kids I wouldn’t do as much as I usually do this year and I am working hard to keep that promise, sort of. I love Christmas and I love the giving part of it! I love finding the perfect item, whether it is a $5 or $50 item, if it’s something I think they will like, I love getting it. That my friends if what Christmas is supposed to be about. At least that is what my Daddy always said and I tend to believe that. It’s not the chaos, the stress, the overspending. It’s knowing someone you love will love the present you gave them, no matter the cost. You really don’t have to spend a lot to find presents your friends and family will love...you just may have to think about it and keep your eyes peeled all year long. Homemade gifts can also be the perfect gift. I spend a lot of time baking goodies for my friends and family as well. I’ve been picking up items over the last couple weeks and hope to get started soon with making holiday treats!

Don’t forget to send your letters to Santa into The Sun Times because Santa has already told me he will be looking to the December 20 and 22 editions to help him finalize last minute shopping himself!