Life as a small town editor definitely has its ups and downs and I swear I meet myself coming and going sometimes, but the best thing about it is that it allows me the ability to work from pretty much anywhere, as long as WiFi is available. Of course, this too can be a good or bad thing too. Tonight I’m calling it a good thing because I am sitting at my daughter Bethany’s working. I’m here because I get to spend a little time with the love of my life, Holden tomorrow morning while mommy and daddy go duck hunting. I have said it many times, no one and nothing comes before Holden!

In fact, if you were in Walmart Monday night this week, you might have seen this woman talking very animatedly to Holden on FaceTime. One of the greatest inventions of technology ever, in my opinion, anyway. A couple saw me and walked by, the gentleman saying, “Amazing the crazy things you’ll do for your grandkids, isn’t it?” Or something to that nature. He is exactly right though. I'm sure others and possibly employees just thought I was nuts. Lol

I’m so glad the temperatures warmed up a little bit this weekend, I was able to get my storage building organized a little on Saturday without freezing to death. I am ready for Spring!

The Sun Times on the Lake and River magazine has gone to press and hopefully will be back next week. I can't wait for it to arrive and look forward to hearing what the readers have to say about our stories.  I think you will find the subjects impressive. I know I did.

As we enter February and get close to Valentine’s Day the Sun Times is going to be selling ads for a special section to celebrate Grandparents and their Valentines (grandkids). Contact DeeDee Melton at 501-362-2425 or email to reserve your spot.

Congressional candidate Chintan Desai was in Heber Springs on Saturday speaking at a Democratic committee meeting and something he said made so much sense. He suggested people get informed, get to know the candidates and get out and vote. I’m paraphrasing but it was a great message. Our country isn’t going to be the great country it can be until we the people make our voices heard by voting. I encourage you to get informed, know where the candidates stand and vote, be heard. We can change our country but it takes us all.

Until next time...