In 1967, Aretha Franklin introduced Otis Redding’s song composition about Respect.  In 1980, the Blues Brothers movie incorporated it into the classic musical comedy giving Aretha and the song new legs while making it a memorable part of our lives.   Today, Respect is a dying character trait in our country!  To find out how low we’ve sunk, one merely has to tune in one of the media’s daily news programs or listen to a sound bite from the latest interview with one of Hollywood’s self styled intellectuals as they demean the President of our country in ways that would have started a fistfight 50 years ago.  If you want more proof, tune in ESPN and listen to one of our street educated sports professionals sharing their profound political wisdom punctuated with profanity as they bless us with their thoughts on the President.  Observe the confirmed bias found on almost every channel (90% or more negative against Trump) and then watch CNN’s coverage of the daily White House briefings and you’ll have the recipe for society’s lack of R E S P E C T!

     Today, multi-millionaire football players take a knee disrespecting our national anthem in protest of What?  Not their exorbitant salaries for sure!  Rather than quietly helping failing members of their race with their new found wealth they would prefer to make empty gestures knowing that the fawning media and ESPN will rush to post photos! Meanwhile, the spineless NFL leadership salts away its riches and their ship sinks lower in the ratings!  Qualified Moral Leadership? - None in sight!

     For those of us who grew up with sitcoms written by comedy writers who didn’t need profanity to make people laugh (Think of The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett – add your favorite to the list), the current situation is a nightmare!  You can now have 139 channels or more loaded with locker room humor in prime time while the sports channels dabble in politics spewing hateful rhetoric aimed at the President while the news media trips over their feet in their rush to do the same. Hollywood also plays the game as clueless entertainers try to dazzle us with their political expertise while others drool over Cuba, Venezuela or any country that is dabbling in socialism.  The United States doesn’t have to worry about North Korea, Russia or Iran – Our enemies are already here and they’re teaching in our colleges and starring in our theaters while rappers brainwash our kids against cops, parents, social mores and the system with every 4 letter word known to man or woman!  Welcome to the 21st Century where respect has been reduced to just another song lyric and professional news reporting is a lost art except at the local level.

     Even worse is the visible hate vomited up almost nightly by our elected Democrat representatives which many of the media lap up and then regurgitate ad nauseum as long as it’s anti-Trump!  Their lack of respect for our President is unheard of!   It’s reached a point where facts are deliberately falsified but quickly accepted as gospel by media interviewers as they try to out do each other in disparaging the Presidency.  Democrat representatives cry ‘Racist’ daily despite the lack of any visible evidence.  Trump used to be lauded by black leaders as a positive example prior to committing the unforgivable sin of winning the last election.  He’s still strongly supported as such by MLK’s family but, don’t look for media coverage showing anything positive on Trump?

          Nightly news outlets show us videos of shoppers physically fighting in Wal-Mart aisles while gangs take control over parts of Chicago and other major cities killing each other because of real or imagined disrespect.  We’re seeing living examples of “A Clockwork Orange”, Stanley Kubrick’s 1972 film portraying one version of the future and it’s Not pretty.  Even in our highest institutions of learning, self centered students try to hold their college Dean’s hostage to their whimsical demands and, just as in the NFL, the administrators frequently cave rather than assuming the role of adult leadership. When I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s, we were taught to respect police officers, teachers and adults in general – Yes, even growing up in New Yawk City!  Just as in the South, it was called ‘Good Manners’!  It was the polite and civilized way to function in society.  As an active duty member of the military in the 60’s, the same lesson was taught by sergeants and officers who were veterans of WWII and Korea.  Respect and good manners were our way of life back in the Wonder Years.  What’s changed and Who’s to blame? 

     There’s plenty of guilt to throw around but, in my opinion, it comes down to sloppy parenting and a serious lack of emphasis on Respect, Civility and Good Manners.  Missing from the basic training that should have been taught in the home Before their kids started school are Christianity and the Ten Commandments including the 11th commandment, “Do Unto Others as You would have them Do Unto You”.  If what you’re seeing in today’s society doesn’t bother you then you’re part of the problem and you’re probably raising your children wrong.  Love them but also Teach them civility because  R E S P E C T begins at Home! 

End of rant.  Have a blessed day.