OK I’m fixing to go out on a limb here,  am I the only one who sees something majorly wrong with getting paid nearly $12 million dollars after being fired for doing a bad job? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know I’m gonna really irk some people here but does ANYONE in this world have any sense anymore?

Who gets paid nearly 12 million dollars after being fired?? Who gets paid that kind of money for doing a bad job and getting fired? Seriously? I can’t actually recall the last time I was fired from a job but I’m quite certain I wasn’t paid a heck of a bonus as that for flat out not doing a good job. Does this kind of thinking come down off the golden parachute pipe? If so, someone who has some sense needs to shut that pipeline down! It is no wonder no one can afford to go to school at the U of A without getting into serious debt! We are paying a guy who just couldn’t give us a winning team an additional $12 million for doing a bad job! Better yet what Business Administration major would be taught this in school? Most businesses reward good job performance not bad. Hey not at the UA! Do a crappy job coaching football and we give you an additional $12 million!

“Having completed this agreement, I am pleased to move forward in my career and am excited about the future,” Bielema was quoted in Tuesday’s release.  Well heck yeah, I’d be pleased to!

This makes me seriously wonder about who is running that college and what they are teaching the students who attend. This is what happens when you stop keeping score at kids ball games where everyone gets a trophy and no one realizes that in life, there are winners and losers and sometimes there are consequences for losing. Apparently not if you coach for the UA. Be a losing coach and get paid even more money when you are fired. I’m sorry, I understand I’m ignorant in the ins and outs of college football coaches salaries and negotiations but the NCAA likes to come down hard on students who try to earn extra money while being a member of the team. How about coming down hard on coaches who don’t perform their job adequately thereby getting fired, and then getting $12 million? I guess players aren’t the only ones making unbelievable salaries for doing less than adequate work these days...oh wait, that’s right college players don’t get paid do they? So what on earth did anyone think made Bielema worth this kind of money to begin with? I don’t even follow the Hogs that closely anymore and a key part of that is Bielema. To say he was a lackluster coach at best is mild but heck if I could get paid an additional $12 million to be lackluster I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I just don’t understand it and I pray I never do because if I start thinking it’s ok to do a lackluster job, then get fired for doing it, then get paid that kind of money after being fired? And we wonder what is wrong with our nation? I remember when you were lucky to get two weeks severance pay after being fired or laid off rather, I don’t recall ever getting anything if fired for doing a bad job. This is why we have people who think everyone owes them something for nothing because hey razorbacks we just got the royal screw thanks to the Razorbacks Foundation and Bielema. Does anyone who makes more than $75,000 a year even have a brain anymore? Obviously tickets are gonna go up because how else are they keep those big payments on track to Bielema? Surely I’m not the only person questioning why we pay people more for doing a bad job than we do those who do a good job? What’s the average high school coaches salary? On the plus side I would guess $50,000 and those guys are shaping and molding our youth. I’m done ranting.

Until next time...