It never ceases to straight up blow my mind how many people read my column on a very regular basis. I can tell you it is also extremely flattering and humbling. Those of you who never miss reading it I have to ask, “What is wrong with you?” Now, I’m laughing as I say that. If you have ever bumped into me in Walmart  and told me how much you love my column, that’s not the first time you have heard that is it?

Writing an opinion or op-ed column is not easy. Now, some weeks it is, but when your work is your life, sometimes it can cause a problem. I’m always thinking of fodder for this column. As crazy as my life can be sometimes...weell, let’s just say you would think I’d always have fodder to write about. Not a good way to keep friends.

This week, however, had several firsts in my life. Now you’ve heard me talk about my grandson plenty, and this week I got my my first tattoo and it says…(drum roll)...

Holden’s Yeah Yeah. It may seem silly to some but I have actually been thinking of getting one for awhile and to that end I bid on a gift certificate to Star Tattoo, here in Heber, and won it. Now it was about to expire so I went in last week and scheduled my appointment with Roy. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted, but knew I wanted something with Holden in it. I chose to go with the grandma name he gave me because there is just something about when Holden says, “Yeah Yeah.” So, Roy drew me up a lil sketch and even though I had considered something besides just the names, I wasn’t sure how I was gonna do so I tried to keep it simple. Now, my experience was great. I won’t lie, it hurt. Roy told me it would feel like a cat or nail scratch. I showed him my nails (daggers you know) and said, “I can handle it.” So, he begins. The whole time we are chatting, and I’m wincing here and there, and when it really started to get me, I asked if he was done with at least Holden’s and he laughed and said I’m done. I was totally floored. So, really, it wasn’t that bad at all. If you see me out, just ask, I’ll show it to you. It’s on my right shoulder, on my back. Easily covered up, easily to uncover to show off. I always said I would never have a man’s name on my body, then Holden came along and, just like his mother before him, made me eat those words.

Have you been to see The Incredibles 2 yet? If not, head on down to the Gem Theatre and see it! It’s...well...incredible! (Pun intended). I went with friends, Chris Stafiej and Ron Williams, and it didn’t bother me that here we were three grown adults going to see a Disney movie, with no kids.

It was totally awesome! It made us laugh, it captured our attention and left you smiling because of the happy ending. It also had some nice life lessons for young and old. Not gonna spoil it for you though, so go see it. You1’ll be glad you did. I really appreciate Chris and Ron for going with me, not afraid to be seen with me and at a cartoon at that! Sometimes, three isn’t a crowd at all. Sometimes, it’s just right!

Finally, this Saturday is the Cardboard Boat Race at Sandy Beach. There is going to be something really great happening this year. You can build a boat on Saturday and race. There is going to be a special race for those who build their boat on Saturday. So if you haven’t been able to build your boat, you still have time. Supplies will be furnished and I bet you can get some expert (or semi-expert) advice on how to build it and more importantly, how to keep it afloat. Hope to see you there!

Until next time...