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Paint Me Happy!
Crafting rule #1: Put on your oldest shirt because paint doesn't wash out.
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By Diane Hunt
Hello my name is Diane Hunt and I will tackle almost any craft project dealing with ceramics or any other craft media! I offer classes each month (Saturdayís only) at a cost of $15.00 plus taxes for almost anything in the shop. So put on your oldest shirt (the paint will not wash out) and come join me in a wonderful stress reliever. Call me at 870-777-3862 or text at 870-331-4255 for class information, or purchase bisk or greenware. I have learned some important lessons by trial and error. But the one thing to remember is there are no mistakes in painting ceramics, if you donít like how it looks, just start over. I have taught classes to some wonderful students from the ages of 2 to 63 years young, and am looking forward to teaching more as the years go by. Everyone has some type of talent hidden deep down inside of them. All they need is a little direction to find their talent. With the right equipment, molds, brushes, paint etc. anyone can make a piece they can be proud of! Just think of someone special in your life, if you made a special piece and gave to them, think of the joy it would bring them. They will treasure it for the rest of their lives!

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