Many are concerned about gaining weight this holiday season.  Studies have shown that people do gain over the holidays.  The accumulation of this weight gain over the years may be a contributing cause of obesity later in life.


Many are concerned about gaining weight this holiday season.  Studies have shown that people do gain over the holidays.  The accumulation of this weight gain over the years may be a contributing cause of obesity later in life. For the time being lets forget all about the statistics  of overweight and obesity, and lets concentrate on our own fat loss efforts.  Let’s discuss some tips on how not to gain weight during the holidays, or any other special events during the year. This material can be used throughout the year, for family reunions, trips, vacations, anything that may have interrupted your weight loss regime in times past.  So, if you find this information useful-keep it. • As a person on a mission not to gain weight, but to lose fat instead.  The first point I want to make is ‘Preparation is Key.’  I go nowhere without preparing first.  When I go to my parents, I bring great tasting meal replacement shakes, almonds, or other supplies.  I take whatever I need to assist me to keep on my program.  I also prepare and bring some of the meals to share with everyone, which are low glycemic. So, never leave anything to chance-PREPARE!! • I heard someone say-“Don’t run on empty” and that’s so true. When I am going to a party or any other function where there’s good food and mindless eating, I always eat something appropriate first to take the edge off.  I don’t want to go hungry.  Then, if appropriate, I bring a healthy covered dish.  I don’t want to be caught in a difficult position.   So, again I prepare.   • If you are the host or hostess, you’ll have a little more control over the menu.  Serve beautifully arranged vegetables or fruit plates, or low glycemic hors d’oeuvres.  You can also create memorable foods that utilize low glycemic principles so as not to spike blood sugar.  This is something that I have done.  My grandmother was Italian.  My memories of special times have the smell and taste of Italy.  I have created an Italian meatball soup, that I’ve named ‘A Taste of Italy’ to remind me of the special Italian feasts we had at her home.  It has the smells, the herbs, the taste and the comfort without the spike in blood sugar-and the additional pounds I always used to come home with. • Socialize away from the sight of food.  Although we are there to see people, many of us are "food suggestible"  (like me) so just hanging around food causes some of us to eat more than we need.  Remember people are what’s important, not the food. • When you are getting ready to fix your plate survey all of the food at a buffet before making your choices.   Choose the foods that you really want most at that time and remind yourself that you can have other foods at a later time. • Be picky.  If the food doesn’t taste as good as you expected--STOP!  Don’t waste your food budget on it. Look at your fist.  That is about the size of your stomach.  Only choose the best tastes that would fit that size.  You will eat again-and soon. • These are social events, so we tend to stay around the food for extended periods of time.  Decide on a signal you choose to let YOU know when you are finished eating.  I usually lay my napkin on my plate as my signal.  Or, you may just need to get rid of your plate.  Your signal may be whatever works for you.  Again, prepare.  Decide what your signal will be ahead of time-like now! • Avoid continuing to eat just because it’s on the table, you’ve paid for it, or because someone made it.  Learn how to say “No Thank you” in a firm yet polite way.  You may ask for a small portion or the recipe to take home.  That’s one way to smooth over any hurt feelings. • If you decide to eat a cookie, or another treat, don’t do it mindlessly.  Sit down and really savor each and every bit.  Don’t forget to eat it slowly.  Then, at least you will know you ate it and you’ve really enjoyed it. These tips really are working for me.  I have taken my shakes and other supplies to Alaska, on a Mexican Riviera Cruise, and while enjoying family reunions.  During the past year I have lost over 63 inches of fat, and I am continuing to lose.  I don’t want anything to stop my fat loss!  You can do it to. • Now for my final tip: Enjoy the company, the sights, the atmosphere, the entertainment, and the traditions as much, if not more, than the food.  Make Great Memories!  Celebrate People-not food.    (Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs, has a degree in biology from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, AR:  Has been certified by Proevity (for Continuing Medical Education for Doctors and Health Care Professionals) in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing. She owned and operated a physical fitness studio for many years here in Heber Springs. Now she owns and operates Anatomy Academy Wellness, where she teaches a Certified Wellness Weight Loss Coaching program as a GKCC.  This program is recognized and accepted by the International Association of Complementary Medicine.  In fitness she is certified with Rthmytic Aerobics, AFAA, the Arthritis Association  in water therapy, Senior Fitness-AFAA again, Peppi, Water Aerobics and in Reboundology.  Carmel can be reached at: or check out her Wellness videos at: