Wes Weighmink, of Wilburn, has proven his collection to be the best.  


 Weighmink’s various collections have won Best in Show at the Cleburne County Fair in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Weighmink began collecting antiques 20 years ago when he decided to purchase die cast cap guns. He specializes in western guns, books, knives and comics, but has many other collections as well. “I went to the Cleburne County Fair in 2006 and thought that I should enter to just see what happens. I won Best in Show and a blue ribbon that year, and have won every year since,” said Weighmink.  In 2006 his collection of antique, die cast guns won Best in Show. Weighmink has approximately 500 guns from the 1900s, 28 of those are die cast and 42 are cast iron. In 2007 Weighmink’s collection of knives won Best in Show. He has approximately 500 antique knives.  In 2008 Weighmink decided to enter his antique book collection. “I started purchasing books on cast iron guns. While looking for those I began coming across western books,” said Weighmink. “They must be in really good condition for me to buy them. The trick is finding books that come with a dust jacket, that way you know they have been protected.”