A guest article by Tyler Moss

**Editor’s note – On February 14th, we published an article on Tyler Moss being chosen to attend the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Congress .  We are publishing this guest article by Mr. Moss so he can relay that experience to you in his own words.


Dedication, Commitment, Work Ethic, Perseverance, Integrity

By Tyler Moss


My name is Tyler Wayne Moss and I live in Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas. I am currently a senior at Heber Springs High School and about to embark on my collegiate journey. I am not looking for the stereotypical experience that college students are excited about, I on the other hand, am seeking a chance to change lives. My focus will be on academic excellence striving to achieve my goal of becoming a neurologic oncologist.


I am no stranger to hard work or perseverance. I have paid attention to both my mother (Hollie Ross) and father (Travis Moss) for many years as they have worked extremely hard to provide the best they could for me and to install an unmovable set of morals, on which I firmly stand. As a high school senior I also carry a college coursework load. I will graduate high school with twenty-six collegiate hours to transfer to Arkansas State University where I have received an academic scholarship. The option to graduate early was available to me as a junior but I declined in order to remain with my family and play baseball for one more year. As a Heber Springs School District student I have not settled for mediocrity. Currently I hold a 3.68 grade point average, a twenty-seven on my ACT, and a spotless record. I am involved with several clubs and organizations: BETA Club, Interact Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Future Farmers of America, Spanish Club, Torch and Laurel, and Baseball.


Recently I was given the opportunity to attend the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Congress in Washington D.C. During the congress I was able to meet and discuss both medical issues and breakthroughs with the some of the most brilliant people in the world, people such as: former personal physician of the President Connie Mariano, M.D., acting United States Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak, M.D., Peter Diamandis, M.D., Jill Bolte Taylor, PH.D., J. Craig Venter, PH.D., and Mario Capecchi, PH.D. Upon arriving at the congress it became clear that the only constant in medicine, is change. We are entering an era of exponential growth where if you can will it, it can happen. I talked with Dr. Diamandis about advances he is making in technology that is going to change not only medicine but the entire world. One major advancement being 3D Printing, this will allow organogenesis which is process of making organs so that transplant patients will no longer have to wait for a match, instead it can be constructed for them.


I was also able to participate in a live laparoscopic surgery that was performed in Chicago and broadcasted to Washington D.C. I was able to ask questions to the surgeon and receive feedback. I also talked with some of the other bright upcoming medical scientist from ages 17-19 who have created things ranging from the worlds smallest hydroelectric powered motor to a new diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer that is 100 times more effective and 26,000 times less expensive.


At the end of the congress I was awarded the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientist Award of Excellence and inducted into Torch and Laurel Honor Society. I am currently working on Biochemical research to aid in brain cancer battle to present to the academy on June 1st for a chance to win their Medical Science Fair and $185,000 scholarship.


I believe there is a purpose I must fulfill. Whereas, many doctors scholastically understand what a patient is going through, I would sympathize both physically and mentally. Some doctors have a job to cure patients, I will have a passion to cure. A burning desire to treat with success and altar lives for the better, a desire that will only grow with time. I will only be an asset to the medical field as someone who is not paid to do a job, but as somebody who is blessed to have an ability to help. For this reason, the opportunity to participate in the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Congress I view not only as an honor but as an investment to a better tomorrow