It’s a well-known fact, but unfortunately, some co-workers just make you sick!

It’s a well-known fact, but unfortunately, some co-workers just make you sick! 


Now don’t get ahead of yourselves just yet, as this doesn’t refer to their attitudes “per se.” Goodness knows essential oils can certainly be helpful with that as well!  But first let’s focus on helping to clear out the germs and illnesses being carried into the workplace.


Public buildings, restrooms and doctor’s offices are prime examples.  Many patients dread the lobbies and waiting rooms of medical buildings, fearing they’ll return home with something much worse than the illness they walked in with.  This holds true for any workplace, since germs and viruses exist virtually everywhere.


This is precisely the reason that doctor’s offices right here in Heber Springs and hundreds more across the country are diffusing essential oils throughout their buildings.  Doctors, hospitals, and medical facilities have seen the reports and experienced the positive results in using essential oils to reduce the amount of airborne germs and viruses.  This keeps physicians healthier, their staff healthier, and circulates healthier, purer air for the patients sitting in waiting rooms.


Stay healthier on the job and in the home by using certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils to help reduce the possibility of illnesses.  Classrooms, daycares, stores and gas stations are all high traffic areas.  However the risks can often be lowered with a few essential oils on hand.


Bergamot oil has been known to be effective in respiratory infections.  Oregano oil is used by thousands who’ve found it performs as a natural antibiotic, even when battling the serious staph infection MRSA.  Lemon, thyme and melaleuca (tea tree oil) have been reported to aid with the viral infections of a common cold.  Peppermint is highly praised and reported by many in reducing fever and flu symptoms.


Gain peace of mind and keep yourself and your family healthier by using pure, natural essential oils.  CPTG essential oils will have no toxins or synthetic additives.  They’re safe and worry-free when compared to harmful prescription drugs and over the counter medicines that often produce severe side effects.  The wiser choice of pure essential oils is truly “a no brainer!”


Remember, with essential oils, there’s normally less down time, resulting in fewer days missed from work or from school.  The oils are quickly absorbed into the system and immediate relief is often reported.  Use them regularly, either topically, internally, or aromatically, and don’t YOU be guilty of making someone sick!


(Brenda is an active wellness advocate of natural, alternative healthcare solutions, speaking frequently to local groups and organizations. She owns her own business, is a member of the Rotary Club of Heber Springs and Chamber of Commerce.  SUBMIT QUESTIONS to the “Q&A” at or to PO Box 367, Quitman, AR  72131)