Shopping wisely pays off with your health

Get in, get out and get home!  That’s the motto these days as one enters the grocery store.  And, how well did you benefit yourself, or the health of your family, with those hasty purchases?  Well, since you asked.  It’s doubtful.


Let’s suppose you were out of toothpaste.  Did you happen to notice that the contents included certain types of formaldehyde and embalming fluid?  No?  Pretty nasty stuff, to have in your mouth every morning, don’t you think?


Alright, let’s try this next one.  Rate yourself on wisely purchasing that new bath soap.  Again, most contain some form of formaldehyde or embalming fluid.  Surprised?  Wasn’t that you, who just rubbed that junk all over yourself in the shower earlier?  Yikes!


Last chance, before scoring “0 for 3”.  Surely, SURELY, you read the label on your new shampoo.  Formaldehyde and embalming fluid?  How shocking!  Are you beginning to see a pattern, or does the list need to continue? 


These items are all used on a daily basis, and before you sit down to breakfast, just consider how many toxic chemicals you’ve already put into your system.  Sure, one on its own, probably wouldn’t do much harm.  At least not today anyway.  But, what about the second?  The third? 


Unfortunately, levels of total toxicity are off the charts for many of you, without ever realizing it.  We’ve got to do better!  We must stop the nonsense!  Your health suffers with continued use of these, and other harmful, toxic products.  They have no place inside your body, or being applied outwardly. 


YOU MUST SHOP WISELY!  There are safer products available, and no special permit is required to purchase or use them, only some good old common sense.  We’ve grown short of that in this fast paced society, where we simply “grab and go”.  We’ve stopped reading labels and we don’t do our homework.  Yet many wonder why they are plagued with so many health issues.


Whether purchasing items to aid with worrisome health concerns, or items for personal hygiene, seek out only those containing safe, pure ingredients.  The highest quality and greatest health benefits will only be found in natural products, tested and certified to be pure, therapeutic grade (CPTG).  It all begins with you, and it can begin TODAY!


 (Brenda is an active wellness advocate of natural, alternative healthcare solutions, speaking frequently to local groups and organizations. She owns her own business, is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, the Rotary Club of Heber Springs and Chamber of Commerce.  SUBMIT QUESTIONS to the “Q&A” at or to PO Box 367, Quitman, AR  72131)