Some local officials facing challenges in the primaries

The filing deadline for the 2016 Arkansas primaries was Monday at noon and a host of candidates from U.S. President to Cleburne County Justice of the Peace completed their paperwork and paid their filing fees to appear on the ballot. 

As expected, the presidential field is crowded, especially for the Republicans, but our own Cleburne County election is showing signs of becoming a somewhat contentious race.  Chris L. Steplock is challenging sitting State Representative Josh Miller in the Republican primary.  Cleburne County Judge Jerry Holmes is also facing a challenge by Bob. W. Fisher in the primary.  Three Justices of the Peace have garnered opponents in their reelection bids and once again, the county is facing a wide open Sheriff’s race to replace sitting Sheriff Alan Roberson, who was appointed to the position after the unfortunate passing of newly elected Sheriff Richard Swain a month into his term.

The Sun-Times would like to remind all candidates who haven’t already published an announcement in the paper that we offer a one-time free announcement on the front page with a photo.  Give us a call at 501-362-2425 or email for details. 

The Arkansas primary elections will be held on March 1, 2016. 

The following is the complete list of candidates that will appear on the Cleburne County ballot in the primaries.  This is not the order in which they will appear, as that will be determined at the ballot draw this Thursday in the Cleburne County Courthouse at 10 a.m. 

U.S. President 

Governor Chris Christie (Republican)

Donald J. Trump (Republican)

Ted Cruz (Republican)

Marco Rubio (Republican)

Bernie Sanders (Democrat)

John R. Kasich (Republican)

Jeb Bush (Republican)

Mike Huckabee (Republican)

Ben Carson (Republican)

Martin J. O’Malley (Democrat)

Hillary Clinton (Democrat)

James Valentine (Democrat)

John Wolfe (Democrat)

Rick Santorum (Republican)

Rand Paul (Republican)

Bobby Jindal (Republican)

Lindsey Graham (Republican)

Rocky De La Fuente (Democrat)

Carly Fiorina (Republican) 


U.S. Senate 

Frank Gilbert (Libertarian)

Conner Eldridge (Democrat)

Curtis  Coleman (Republican)

Senator John Boozman (Republican)


U.S. Congress District 1 

Mark West (Libertarian)

Congressman Rick Crawford (Republican)


Arkansas Representative District 66 

Representative Josh Miller (Republican)

Chris L. Steplock (Republican)


Arkansas Representative District 64 

Representative John Payton (Republican)


Circuit Court Judge (Non-partisan) 

Don McSpadden 16th District Division 2


District Court Judge, District 13 (Non-partisan) 

Judge Lance Wright 


Cleburne County Judge 

Judge Jerry Holmes (Republican)

Bob W. Fisher (Republican)


Cleburne County Sheriff 

John B. Murphy, Jr. (Democrat)

Chris Brown (Republican)

Bobby Lockard (Republican)

Josh Johnston (Republican)


Cleburne County Clerk 

Dardee Hartman Grenouillat (Republican)

Rachelle Evans (Republican)


Cleburne County Circuit Clerk 

Heather Smith (Republican)


Cleburne County Tax Collector 

Kathy White (Republican)


Cleburne County Treasurer 

Pam Gray (Republican)


Cleburne County Assessor 

Judy Land (Republican)


Cleburne County Coroner 

Waren Olmstead (Republican)


Constable 1 

Kyle Dodson (Republican)

Constable Jimmy Tate (Independent)


Constable 2 

Tim Pike (Independent)

Brandon Laster (Republican)

Constable Harold Williams (Republican)


Justice of the Peace District 1 

J.P. Jesse Pate (Republican)


Justice of the Peace District 2 

J.P. Sam Henager


Justice of the Peace District 3 

J.P. Tim Caldwell (Independent)


Justice of the Peace District 4 

J.P. Willie Stone


Justice of the Peace District 5 

Justin Lillard (Libertarian)

J.P. Alan Malone (Republican)

Dara Samuel (Republican)


Justice of the Peace District 6 

J.P. Chad Evans (Republican)


Justice of the Peace District 7 

J.P. Michael M. Lange, Sr. (Republican)


Justice of the Peace District 8 

J.P. Brent E. Foust (Republican)


Justice of the Peace District 9 

J.P. Stephen Choate (Independent)


Justice of the Peace District 10 

Paul Roberts (Republican) 

J.P. Claudia Chisler (Republican)


Justice of the Peace District 11 

Rob Owens (Republican)

J.P. Larry Goff (Independent)