Tomorrow is ArkansasGives Day

More than 560 nonprofits throughout Arkansas, including eight in Cleburne County, are participating in ArkansasGives on April 7, a 12-hour online giving event sponsored by the Arkansas Community Foundation and the Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance. The Cleburne County Community Foundation is coordinating the local day of giving in our area. 

Online gifts made through from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 7 will help nonprofit participants earn bonus dollars from a $400,000 bonus pool provided by the Community Foundation. Among the Cleburne county nonprofits counting on local support to help bring some of that bonus pool to our county are: 

Baptist Health Foundation Cleburne County

Breakin Bread Soup Kitchen

CARTI Foundation

Community Action Program for Central Arkansas (CAPCA)


Howard General Baptist Church Food Pantry

The CALL in Cleburne County

Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Cleburne County 

While donations can be made from the comfort of your own home on your own computer, a public donation location will also be available for those who may need a place to process their donation. The Cleburne County Community Foundation, partnering with the Jitterbug Coffee House, will have information and online access available for the entire 12-hour day of giving at the Coffee House. Local participating nonprofits will also have representatives and information about their organizations available for those who stop by. The public is encouraged to drop by the Jitterbug to visit and make an online donation to our local nonprofits. 

“This online day of giving is a great chance for the public to come together as one, showing support for the nonprofits in our community that do so much throughout the year,” said Kathy Phillips, Executive Director of the Cleburne County Community Foundation. “These types of online events have garnered much support over the last few years, and ArkansasGives raised more than $2million in last year’s campaign alone. It’s time to bring some of that money to Cleburne County as well.”