All winning artwork is being displayed in the Eagle Bank upper-level lobby in Heber Springs April 11-22

The thirteenth annual Greers Ferry Lake Art Show and Competition, sponsored by Beta Xi Chapter of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, is being held during the month of April in five lake area schools. Schools participating are: Clinton, Concord, Greers Ferry Westside, Heber Springs, and Shirley. Competition is in three age groups 4th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade, and 9th-12th grade, and in five categories- Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Collage/Miscellaneous, and 3-Dimensional. Ribbons for first, second, and third place are being presented, with cash prizes of $25.00 going to the “Overall” winners and a $50.00 prize, compliments of Eagle Bank, going to the “Best of Show” winner. All  winning artwork is being displayed in the Eagle Bank upper-level lobby in Heber Springs April 11-22, 2016, with a reception honoring the winners on Friday, April 15, 2016, from 3:00-5:00 P.M at Eagle Bank.


Jessica Smith, daughter of Marcia and Jim Smith from Clinton High School, is the “Best of Show” winner for 2016 with a print entitled “Stairs”. Overall winners include: Alanna Knapp, Heber Springs Elementary, 4th-6th grade, Stormi Bradshaw, Heber Springs Middle School, 7th-8th grade,  and Madison Robbins, Concord High School, 9th-12th  grade.


Other winners from the five schools are as follows:

Heber Springs

4th-6th Drawing 1st  Hunter Edwards, 2nd-Cale Anderson, 3rd-Brandi Meredith & Cole Yates; Painting 1st-Alanna Knapp & Keira Jennings; 2nd-Scotland McBroome & Rylee Birmingham, 3rd- Alanna Knapp & Keira Jennings; Collage 1st-Skylar Nantz; Crafts 1st- Aydia Hammond, 2nd-Logan Greenwold, 3rd-Keira Jennings & Daniel Foster; 3-D 1st-Allana Knapp, 2nd-Madison Maxwell; Watercolor 1st-Coral Craft, 2nd-Elijah Bell, 3rd-Gandhi Moho & Aydia Hammond; Design 1st-Carson Bise, 2nd-Faith Cowherd & Gus Hannah, 3rd-Brier Edwards

7th-8th Drawing 1st-Ellie Skelton, 2nd-Divina Nixon, 3rd-Jacob Cantrell & Danielle Landrum; Painting 1st- Stormi Bradshaw, 2nd-Ellie Skelton, 3rd-Stormi Bradshaw; Pastels 1st- Logan Lalane, 2nd- Landon Luman, 3rd- Bethany Scheffler & Alysa Jennings, Crafts 1st-Kendall Upoff, 2nd-Colby McElroy, 3rd-Nick Meyer; 3-D 1st-Connor Foster, 2nd-Kendall Upoff, 3rd-Cheyenne Kent; Design 1st-Nadia Baureis, 2nd-Angelina Garcia & Jaden Jolley, 3rd-Autumn Baughman & Riley Brown

9th-12th Drawing 1st-Paige Lawson, 2nd-Toni Bryant, 3rd-Ryan Bacon; Painting/Watercolor- 1st –Skylar Hardman , 2nd-Emily Ivener, 3rd-Toni Bryant & Skye Wommack; Collage/Misc. 1st-Emily Ivener & Lexy Mohr; 2nd- Mariah Moore & Emily Ivener; Painting/Oil 1st-Lililath Rojas, 2nd-Mariah Richardson, 3rd- Madison Cox; Acrylics 1st- Ellie Klaser, 2nd-Kyla Miller, 3rd- Madison Cox


4th-6th Drawing 1st-Gracie Lee, 2nd-Issac Wilfong; Pastel 1st-Dawson Burgess, 2nd-Josh Jones

9th-12th Drawing 1st-Melissa Duckett, 2nd-Caitlin Hill 3rd- Austin Sowell; Painting 1st-Shon Paul Hastings III; Collage/Misc. 1st- Jessica Smith, 2nd- Helen Nguyen, 3rd- Natalie Duckett; Crafts 1st-Stormie Heiser, 2nd- Caitlin Hill, 3rd- Megan Hagerman;  3-D 1st- Tanner Keeling, 2nd- Dylan Tumbles, 3rd-Tristan Roberson;


9th-12th Drawing 1st-Madison Robbins, 2nd-Carrie Fletcher, 3rd-Stacy Dick; Painting 1st-Elisa Harlan, 2nd-Stacy Dick, 3rd-Lizzie White; Collage/Misc. 1st-Zachary Sartain, 2nd-Lizzie White, 3rd-Madison Robbins; Crafts 1st-Alex Pyle, 2nd-Zachary Sartain, 3rd-Austin Martin

Greers Ferry Westside  

4th-6th  Drawing, 1st- Alli Cothren, 2nd- Kaylee Nipper, 3rd-Kirby Mize; Painting 1st-Coral Delapaz, 2nd-Whitney Hickey, 3rd-Preston Story; Collage/Misc. 1st-Shiloh Seward, 2nd-Jonah Sorrells

9th-12th Drawing 1st-Faith Birmingham, 2nd-Kamaria Williams, 3rd-Randan Carlton;  Painting 1st-Rebekkah Thomas, 2nd-Vanna Endsley, 3rd-Cassidy Cothren; Collage/Misc. 1st-Madison McNulty, 2nd- Kamaria Williams, 3rd- Kon Williams; Crafts 1st-Lexie Smith, 2nd-Rebecca Swain, 3rd-Emily Davidson; 3-D 1st- Wincie Noble, 2nd-Lexie Smith, 3rd- Dillon Rice


4th-6th Drawing 1st-Jody Stump. 2nd-Valary Mitchell; Painting 1st-Ty Grillot, 2nd-Ashley Milam, 3rd-Alexander Richardson

7th-8th  Drawing 1st-Courtney Harder, 2nd-Lillian Wymer, 3rd-Olivia Humble & Katie Stinnet

9th-12th  Pastels 1st-Samantha Bradford , 2nd- Kaitlin Gibbons, 3rd- Tyler Landon;  Acrylics 1st-Derrick Shull, 2nd-Tyler Landon, 3rd-Damien Bondelier; Collage/Misc. 1st- Allison Taylor, 2nd- Angelica Akyan; 3rd-Brandon Goodnight;