CLINTON — An early Thursday morning traffic stop by Clinton Police led to the arrest of a man wanted in Cleburne County.

Arrested in the Oct. 8 incident was Nicholas David Matson, 26, of Clinton, charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia as well as the outstanding Cleburne County warrant.

According to the police report, an officer was on patrol at 3:12 a.m. near Clinton school when he found himself behind a “dark colored passenger car.” As that car came to a stop the officer realized it had a brake light out. He pulled the car over.

The driver, the only person in the car, handed over his driver’s license. It was Matson. The officer called in the driver’s license information and was told the man was wanted in Cleburne County on an outstanding warrant.

A search of online court records who a warrant had been filed for Matson in Cleburne County for his repeated violations of a parole agreement reached after an incident in a Cleburne County park November 2018. In the incident Matson was charged with driving off in his car while a young lady, 13, was reaching in the back seat to gather some items, which injured her and resulted in an aggravated assault charge against him.

The current warrant showed Matson had missed repeated appointments with his parole officer. Drug use was cited, as was in at least one case a “bad mental state.”

The Clinton officer took Matson into custody and searched Matson’s car.

In the car the officer found several “clear smoking devices” which had a “crystalline residue” and a small bag with a “crystal like substance” within.

Matson was taken to the Van Buren County Detention Center where he was fingerprinted and charged, then taken to the county line and turned over to officers from that jurisdiction.

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