A group of volunteers – Heber Open Mic Events (HOME) - have come together to bring events to the Downtown Heber  area hoping  to attract more local and visiting families Downtown in the evening.  Currently – the area has limited options available after 5 PM.  This event seems to fit the bill.   Based on the responses to the first couple of shows; it is something people are interested in.   If you have never attended an Open Mic Event or are not sure exactly what that is, here’s a little info:


Open Mic is a venue where people take turns showcasing their talent. Whether you are a beginner,  seasoned professional  or somewhere in between; this is the place you can do it..  Not sure about any of it….. just come hang out and watch!  The goal is to have a community of artists and like minded people who will  encourage and support each other and provide a platform to grow the talents they have or aspire to have; as well as camaraderie in the community.  It is also to support the Host Venues in directing business to their establishments.


Do you have a group of singers who have been singing together and just need a place to hang out and perform? Do you have Original songs, or are a first-time performer? – this is what Open Mic is truly about!  Do you have some awesome historical facts about the community you live in that really needs to be shared? How often do we regret not asking some of those important things or take time to hear those stories? Here’s an opportunity! Are you a Photographer, Painter, Sculptor …… bring some of your material to showcase and hand out business cards to let people know about you. Are you a dancer…… a small group, couple, or solo inspirational dancer? Do you like to tell jokes? Comedians come share your (family appropriate) jokes so we can all share a few laughs!   After all… laughter is the best medicine.  Do you write poetry? Would you like to read and share it? Do you like to sing Karaoke? Do you have a band and not sure you have what it takes to move forward? Here’s a great place to work out the kinks and try it out!

This is all done on a volunteer basis!    In order for this to work…………  Here’s what they need from you:

♥        Interest from the community and a commitment to attend

♥        Support of the venues that are hosting the Open Mic Events.  Order from their menus, be respective of their businesses and Thank them for being a part of this vision

♥        Additional supporting volunteers who would be willing to co-host events and coordinate with the Emcee (MC) to schedule performers and keep the events running smoothly.  More opportunities will arise as the event grows!


Signup sheets are available at the Host Venue 30 minutes prior to start time.  Ten (10) minute time slots are allotted; with a maximum of Twenty (20) minutes -  2 slots being used at a time.  Repeat performances are encouraged; once the current performers have all had a chance to perform.  Bands who would like to play a longer set, can contact  the Heber Open Mic Facebook Page or the current Host Venue to make arrangements for special times and dates for those performances!  

They look forward to seeing you at the next Open Mic Event on April 30 at 6:00 PM at Cindy’s Sweets and Eats!  Open Mic Events happen every 2nd and 4th Saturday Night from 6:00-9:00 PM.   Come early and have dinner and enjoy some great entertainment!   All ages are allowed to perform.  Children under the age of 14 should  be accompanied by an adult at all times.    Please “Like” and “Share” the  FACEBOOK Page – Heber Open Mic Events or the current Host Venue  -  Cindy’s Sweets and Eats.   There have been some amazing performances! 

For more information: Sheila Middleton Salsman, Host - 505.980.2068, Louis Short, Emcee,

Neil Nuewirth, Co-Emcee or Cindy Moffitt, Owner, Cindy’s Sweets and Eats.