Our local talent pick for this week is a poem titled 'The One' by Thomas Vincek of Concord. 

The One 

I got to
Hand it to
The one who
Loves me
Watches over me
The one who
Protects me
Shelters me
It's your love
That sustains me
The one who
Allows me
To shine in
The way that
You make me
So beautiful
I am
Cause you're the one
Who surrounds me
You're the one
Who loves me
You're the one
Who makes
What I am
You're the one
Who heals the sores
You're the one
Who I'll forever live for
Cause your
The one
I love 

The Sun-Times is excited to feature our local talent from Cleburne County. If you have something you would like featured as a local talent item, send it to us. Submissions can be a poem, short story (800 words or less), artistic photograph, or a photograph of a piece of art (painting, sculpture, etc). To show off as much of our local talent as possible,