The North Central Arkansas (NCA) Art Gallery, in Fairfield Bay, invites you to come and view the beautiful artwork. Eachmonth they feature an artist to showcase and this month is Diane Dudzik.                                       

Diane Dudzik, the artist behind Dudzik Art, paints by her motto, “Art from the Heart,” capturing her love of animals and serene landscapes in realistic oil or soft pastel paintings. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1970.  Her family moved to the country outside Bryant when she was young. This led to her living a country girl’s life, which included dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, geese and one mean bull. Most days would find her outside messing with the animals, hiking in the woods or riding her bicycle.High school art classes introduced her to a variety of arts and crafts, sparking a newfound love that never died. However, it took a back seat when in 1989 she moved to Clinton, Arkansas to marry her husband, Danny. Now married for 29 years, they’ve raised their two boys, Spencer and Ryan, in the small town with big views. With her kids now older, she decided to give art another go. It started with colored pencils but progressed to soft pastels, then eventually to acrylics and oils. Today, she enjoys painting in realism with oils and soft pastels. In 2017, her art hung in a solo display in First Security Bank in Clinton, Arkansas.. These days you can find it on display at the Ozark Health Medical Center and the NCA Art Gallery in Fairfield Bay. Pieces of her art are found in private collections throughout the country. She is a member of the North Central Arkansas Artist League and ABUN (Artists & Biologists Unite for Nature), is the artist behind Dudzik Art, is a wife and mother of two boys and three cats. She is a graduate of Bryant High School where she fell in love with arts and crafts. However, after graduating, life got in the way and she found little time to pursue it.  Three years ago she rediscovered her love of art, painting by her motto “Art from the Heart."  She features animals and nature mainly in pastels, acrylics or oil. She also paints commissioned art for private individuals. Visit her website,

 The Gallery’s mission is tobring quality Fine Art to our community with good taste & family values. The artists are professionals as well as emerging new artists. The artwork is open to all artists and chosen by a selection committee under the direction of Art Coordinator, Charlotte Rierson.  Art Gallery hours are Tues. Thru Fri. 9:00-4:00 unless special events or conferences then the hours will be extended.  All art is available for purchase. For more information about the Art Gallery contact NCA Art Coordinator, Charlotte Rierson-501-884-6100, email  or Conference Center Directors, Wilba or Bob Thompson- 501- 884-4202, 110 Lost Creek Parkway, Fairfield Bay 72088.

The artwork includes paintings, sculpture, pottery, fused glass, stain glass & photography. The people who help make it successful are the following Co-directors of the Conference Center- Wilba and Bob Thompson, Art Gallery Coordinator- Charlotte Rierson and Art Gallery Committee- Bonnie Hookman, Lea Berry, Lee Phillips, Jan Cobb, Alecs Long, Dianne Traylor, and Ellen Kelly. The Art Gallery has a lot of new artist. The word is getting around to artist throughout the state about the beautiful Art Gallery and scenic area.  The community, surrounding areas, and timeshare visitors are learning about the quality of fine art represented in the Art Gallery. They are especially pleased that young people are being exposed to quality fine art. The new exhibit is featuring the following artist’s artwork: Painters- Ellen Kelly, Annette Garner, Sandra Marson, Cathy Wester, Susann Waggoner, Judith Beale, Dianne Traylor, Jan Cobb, Charlotte Rierson, Anna Marie Aparicio, Kathleen Hadley, Joyce Hubbard, Joyce Hartmann, Julie Caswell, Bonnie Hookman, Yun Kim, Joyce Burns, Brenda Berry, Gary Johnson, Faye Rodgers, Diana Shearon, Lea Berry, Jeanne Fry,and Cathy Dudzik ; Photography- One Woman Photography Exhibit: Cathy Wester; 3-Dimensional Artwork- Linda Pledger, Barbara Cornett, Anne Mitchell, Karen Gehl, and Susan Peterson.