“O that one might plead for a man with God, as a man pleadeth for his neighbor” (Job 16:21)!  Job suffered greatly.  He just wished for someone to intercede with God on his behalf.  How many hearts in our acquaintance are crying?  How many souls are dying and in need of a prayer, an outstretched hand?  Who cares?!

Drive through the streets of Chicago, New York or any thriving metropolis and see the skyscrapers and night lights.  You’ll be impressed by the progress of industry and civilization.  The sights are beautiful!  However, you don’t see the back alleys and sin dens, the human tragedy and hopelessness going on there.  You don’t see the derelicts and addicts curled up in fetal positions on filthy sidewalks and streets. Here are people desperate to just survive and recover from the bondage of sin and failure.  Does anybody care?!

One man bound in this lifestyle for many years said he walked the streets of his city looking in the bars thinking, “If I just had a little help, I could quit this.”  Back home his aging mother never went to sleep at night until she called his name in prayer, pleading with God.  “A little help”—a little goes a long way in God’s hands. After many tries and failures he made it into the refuge of God.  In his dying hours his daughters sang to him about love, salvation through Jesus and victory over sin and flesh.  As tears seeped out of his eyes, he made it into the arms of Jesus!  Because somebody cared!

A child stares at the floor in his schoolroom while lessons go unfinished.  “Why doesn’t Daddy love me?” he thinks.  “Why does he slap me when I don’t eat the way he wants?”

The unborn baby’s heartbeat is strong.  God sees all her members as she wiggles her tiny toes and maybe sucks her thumb, but here comes the abortionist.  Nobody hears her silent wail, “Does anybody care?”

The American heritage, freedom to live, work and worship in a country founded upon Godly principles and all blessings that come with faith in God are being taken for granted and eroded by people resting in creature comfort and ignorant of its source.  Who granted these?  They won’t be granted if we turn from God.  According to 2 Chronicles 7:14 the healing of a sin sick land and a prosperous economy come through prayers of repentance and serving the God who gave us our land.  Who cares?!  Can we see beyond the present ease and entertainment?

Our churches, buildings where meetings are held, are not, should not be, our goals but places of renewal, regrouping and reaching others.  Have we stopped at the pew?  We eat our bread and steaks.  We dress in finery.  We have so many goods we have to rent places to store them and forget them.  Our brothers and sisters across the seas long for a covering, a bed, a home and food.  Many have never heard the Gospel or had a Bible.  Our money goes a long way in third world countries!  Does anybody care?

We are ambassadors for Jesus.  We are sent to save souls and to help with every human need (2Corinthians 5:20).  Who cares?!  Do we care?!

All can cast their needs upon God “for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).