Ten Waldron Middle School students will head to Washington, D.C. this summer to present a product they made in robotics, engineering and technology to the U.S. Trade and Patent office, scientists and entrepreneurs.

"BLUE is a new innovative product that will change the interaction between deer and humans," an email from robotics, engineering and technology teacher Tracie Adams states. "BLUE was designed using the science behind deer vision. Deer have two cones in their eyes which allow them to see into the UV spectrum, humans have 3 cones, which filter that light out. When your car light shines onto BLUE it will send a blue UV light vertically stopping the deer from crossing in front of on coming traffic. We have worked with several companies including WeighTech, Cole Safety Products, Arkansas Game and Fish and Arkansas State Highway Transportation Engineers. We are now beginning to upgrade this product to the headlight in a car using optical engineering."

The fifth- and sixth-grade students are semi-finalists in the FIRST Lego League competition. In Washington, D.C., the students will present BLUE to judges.