Fort Smith police were involved in a brief altercation while apprehending a subject at Carol Ann Cross Park, 1601 S. 74th St., that resulted in a drug bust.

Bernard L.A. Tripp, 41, of Little Rock was approached by a patrol officer, according to police reports, and was unable to provide identification upon request. When the officer informed him he was under arrest, Tripp attempted to run toward the trees bordering the park.

According to police reports, Tripp continued to resist despite numerous commands, and the officer was forced to tackle him to the ground to restrain him.

Both Tripp and the officer sustained minor injuries during the struggle, but both were cleared by Fort Smith EMS, and Tripp was transported to the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center without further incident, where he was booked on suspicion of second-degree battery for injuries the officer sustained, obstructing government operations, resisting arrest, fleeing apprehension with injury, possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to distribute when bags of suspected narcotics were found on his person and possession of a suspected controlled substance when a bottle of pills were found in his vehicle.