Two Fort Smith elementary schools were placed on lockdown Thursday shortly after 11:30 a.m. because of a perceived threatening social media post that turned out to have nothing to do with either school.

According to a news release from the Fort Smith Police Department, a man later identified as Jonathan Harris, 41, of Fort Smith posted a picture of himself sitting in a vehicle holding a handgun, and the location was tagged as Howard Elementary School, 1301 N. 8th St. The school was placed on lockdown due to the perceived threatening nature of the post.

Police investigators could find no link between Harris and Howard Elementary, except that his mother lived a few blocks away. When police spoke to Harris’s mother, she informed them he had left her home before their arrival, but nothing was out of the ordinary, according to the release.

Police discovered that Harris lived in the 800 block of North 35th Street, and due to proximity to Pike Elementary, 4111 Park Ave., that school was also placed on lockdown.

The investigation was able to determine that Harris’s post had nothing to do with either school. According to police, he stated that the picture in question had been taken three years ago and the post itself had been directed toward the mother of his child in Houston.

The case is being reviewed by the Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and no charges have been filed at this time.