Experiencing the Escape Room at Coronado Community Center is a new and unique way to meld Village friends and co-workers into true team players. Locked in a room with up to five other people, participants must solve the puzzle to find a hidden key and free themselves.
Joan Archer is a facility and event representative for the CCC and she merrily explains the concept: “The Property Owners’ Association is constantly trying to find ways to engage Villagers. We are hopeful the Escape Room is something Villagers can embrace. The Escape Room is a team-based game where groups get locked into a room and, in order to gain their freedom, they must solve an assortment of puzzles and complete tasks to find a hidden key to unlock the door.”
Archer chuckles. “If Villagers are wondering,  yes, hints are available if a team gets stuck and, yes, someone will let them out.” She pauses in obvious delight. “We’ve had over 80 people use the Escape Room, reviews have been positive — so positive we opened another room experience called ‘Mother-in-Law Mania’ and it’s a bit more challenging and for folks who are better acquainted with this type of game play.”
Archer encourages residents to make an appointment with a maximum of six people and find out how long it takes them to earn their freedom. “We have a video camera and watch people as they try to figure their way through the puzzles. It can be hilarious. We watch so if someone needs us we can come running.”
Escape Rooms might be a fresh idea within the Village, but it’s widespread throughout the United States and internationally.
A team of friends recently combined efforts in the CCC Escape Room and shared their experience. “What a fun time; lots of laughs, no alcohol was involved and no one got hurt,” jests Cheryll Fiorendino.
“I found out I am good at doing combination padlocks and looking under chairs and tables,” Tina Taylor adds jokingly. Traci Johnson extends a challenge to her fellow Village residents, “I dare anyone to try, it was so much fun.” Michele Staples boasts, “We beat the top time with some very smart ladies.”
“Never thought we could do it, but we kept at it. If you live in the Village, this is definitely worth it,” crows Diane Brixius.
Tickets to the escape room cost $15 per person (POA member) or $20 (nonmember).
For more information or to book an Escape Room event, call 922-5050.