The Heber Springs Police Department honored Heber Springs high school student, James Martin, by making him an honorary police officer on Wednesday.

“Ever since I was nine, I wanted to be a police officer” said the sixteen-year- old student James Martin.

Martin, a recent transplant from Harrison, began attending Heber Springs High School last year. Once he started, he began looking for opportunities to make his law enforcement dreams come true.

“That’s all he talks about,” stated Martin’s mother, Tammy Taylor.

He approached Heber Spring Police Department’s school resource officer, Jeff Hiltz, to acquire the proper steps needed. From there, Hiltz began taking the proper steps needed to make Martin’s dream come true.

“It’s all about the kids,” said Officer Hiltz.

After getting the approval from both the City of Heber Springs and the school, Hiltz organized a ceremony in Martin’s honor. Friends, family, and classmates met in his honor has Mayor Jimmy Clark presented Martin with an award and swore him in as an honorary police officer.

“The Heber Springs Police Department is always there for the schools and we were excited to make this young man’s dream come true,” said Heber Springs Police Chief Bobby Walker.

After the ceremony and receiving his badge, Martin and Officer Hiltz patrolled the schools for an hour. Martin patrolled the parking lot and the halls of the high school as a law enforcement officer.

“It’s another example of what a wonderful school district and community we have that can recognize the passion this students has,” said Heber Springs Mayor, Jimmy Clark.

Criminals beware. Heber Springs High School has a new officer, James Martin, who is ready to protect and serve.