Mayor David Wilson announced at last Tuesday’s city council meeting that he had hired a new Chief of Police for the city of Pangburn. After a search of three months and several interviews, Wilson hired Lieutenant Bill Miller, currently of Bradford.

            “Bill served for twenty-two years in the Chicago fire department,” said Wilson. “He also helped create the police department at Amagon from the ground up.”

            Wilson invited Miller to the September City Council meeting to tell the council members what he had said to Wilson in the interview process.

            “I like what you had to say and I’m very happy to have you,” said Wilson as a way of introduction.

            “I’m the type of guy that if you mess up, I’m going to let you know that you’re messing up,” said Miller. “If it’s not serious, it’s a slap on the hand and you go home and we’re back friends tomorrow. If you gotta go to jail, you go to jail.”

            Miller praised the two officers, Dillion Chandler and Jordon Woods, that have been running the Pangburn police department for the past three months.

            “These guys have done a good job on their own running the department,” said Miller. “That’s a tough job. I know, I do it every day. The chief doesn’t get the call, they do. For these two to handle what they did, I’ve got to give them praise.”

            “My main goal here is getting the town, getting the city the leadership for the police department,” Miller further explained. “Everybody on the same page and getting the respect back out there for the police.”

            Miller’s main concern is the Pangburn schools. He wants to get the children liking the Pangburn police and working with them. “That’s the only way you keep the community safe,” said Miller. “In Bradford, we took kids out of school for having guns and knives on school property. You got to know how to handle the kids.”

            Mayor Wilson pointed out that there was a bonus that came with Miller. Miller owns a female German Shepherd and is training her to be a drug dog.

            “One of the things I liked about Bill is that he wants to live in this town or very near,” stated Wilson. “He’s looking for a house to rent, so, if anyone knows anything, he’s looking to move here within thirty days, two months at the max.”

            “I want to be a part of this community,” stated Miller.

            After nine months of wrangling with the verbiage, the city council passed an amendment to Ordinance No. 6.04, “Harboring of certain breeds of dog within the City of Pangburn, Arkansas.” The specific breeds that are “banned entirely and may not be owned or kept within the City” are American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terrier, and “any dog whose sire or dam is a dog of a breed which is defined as a banned breed.” The amendment refers to the list of banned dogs as “pit bull.”

            The Pangburn City Clerk’s office will keep on file the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club standards for banned breeds for public review. Owners of the banned breeds will have sixty days to remove their animals from the city limits unless they apply to grandfather their animals. In that case, the owner has 30 days to register their animals with the Pangburn City Clerk. There are several parameters spelled out to grandfather one’s animals and the Pangburn City Clerk will have a copy of the guidelines readily available to register a banned breed. The City Council noted that they were aware of only two dogs that will be grandfathered.

            The Pangburn Police Department is responsible for enforcing the amended ordinance and for impounding banned breeds that are not grandfathered. The fee for impounded animals is $10.00 per day. The owner of any impounded animal will be charged an impounding fee of $25.00 for the first offense, $50.00 for the second offense, $75.00 for the third offense, and $100.00 for the fourth offense. Owners, whose animals have been determined to meet the criteria of a banned breed, may appeal to the mayor. Any dog that is a violation of the ordinance may be seized immediately and impounded.