Red River Dodge of Heber Springs was the starting place for the 2017 Toy Run held on Saturday, December 2. With approximately 120 motorcycles from at least five different motorcycle clubs, lining up with toys and food to deliver to the Drasco Trading Post in Drasco, it was a sight to behold.

A National Guard truck sat waiting at the Drasco Trading Post to load up the toys and food to be distributed at the American Legion Post 64 later that day.

“One of the best things about this 11th annual toy run is that everything collected stays right here in Cleburne County,” said one of the organizers who wished to remain anonymous. Riders came from all over to participate in this annual event.

The American Legion Post 64 grilled burgers for all the riders who participated in the toy run. David and Rebecca Lee also served chips and baked beans to go with the burgers.

The Sun Times videoed the toy run on Facebook Live on The Sun Times Facebook page.

According to Destiny Erisman, who helped distribute toys at the American Legion, “We were able to donate around $500 in food the breaking bread. 60 families(137 children) were able to be given toys thanks so much to the generosity of those that donated.”