Update Monday morning, Jan. 15

Snow expected beginning this evening for most of the state, followed by very cold temps. 

National Weather Service, North Little Rock, is now calling for "two rounds of wintry weather through noon Tuesday." The first being snow in the north of the state Monday morning. 

The second is what's been called for the past few days, with an Artic front arriving Monday evening, bringing with it cold air and what's being called a "very good chance" of snow for Arkansas. 

The precipitation will be mixed initially, with the cold air of the arriving front turning it to snow shortly thereafter. As much as two inches are expected, and not less than one inch. Four inches are possible in some areas, or more in some isolated instances. The snow will continue through Tuesday morning daybreak, later in the south of the state. 

The snow will be fine and powdery due to the relatively low moisture and very cold air. This, in turn, allows for greater accumulation than the more typical wet and heavy snow. 

Travel impact due to snow is expected. 

Behind the snow will be much colder air, with single-digit wind chill temps as temperatures stay below freezing through Wednesday with actual single-digit temps overnight. Gusty winds will drive wind chills, putting a wind chill warning in effect through noon Tuesday. 

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Update Sunday morning, Jan. 14

iDrive Arkansas, and residents along Highway 65, are reporting snow beginning at the north Faulkner County line on to Harrison. At 8 a.m. it was reported snow was "still coming down" north of Clinton, in Botkinburg. 

The National Weather Service has updated its report, calling for a Winter Weather advisory for north-central Arkansas, with as much as a inch and a half accumulation possible through mid-afternoon. A frontal passage Monday evening into Monday night is expected to bring additional snow as well - as much as two inches in the south and southwest parts of the state.

It is expected to be very cold through the middle of the week, due to the Arctic front bringing winter weather to the area. 

-end update-

The National Weather Service, North Little Rock office, is currently predicting what it’s calling a “light snow” in Arkansas, especially central and eastern Arkansas, for Monday. All of the state is expected to see snow Monday evening into Monday night.

Accumulation are expected to be less than one inch.

The snow will arrive as part of a cold front making its way across the state Monday. Initially frontal weather will be rain, changing to snow Monday evening. After frontal passage temperatures are expected to taken another dip, with single-digit wind chills through Tuesday night, and possibly into Wednesday night as well. Low temperature Monday night into Tuesday is expected to be in the 20 degree range.

The service stressed this is unlikely to be what it called a “high impact event.”