The Pangburn School Board was recognized for the State Board of Education’s School Board Appreciation Month.  Elementary Principal Chad Ramsey read a resolution at the meeting and thanked the school board members for all their hard work they do for the district. Each Board member was then given a Certificate of Recognition by Superintendent David Rolland.

Suzanne Louks, the Middle School ROAR magazine staff sponsor read a letter to the Board thanking them for their support of the ROAR magazine. They thanked the board for “creating a school that lets them express their wild imaginations and creative writing skills.” A cake was also presented to the Board in appreciation.

Stacy Hopkins then gave the financial reports and explained that she is  monitoring the funds closely to keep the legal balance correct. She went on to discuss the savings account at First Security Bank and read a resolution granting signatures on the account as Stephanie Baker, Stacy Hopkins, Lori Huggins, Trey Reaper and David Rolland. She was able to get the interest rate increased to .08. The financial reports were approved and the resolution was passed unanimously.

Chad Ramsey then gave the Elementary report saying that paras attending this summer for the Dyslexia program. “If kids are suffering, they get one on one for 30 minutes daily with either Mrs. Smith or Miss Autumn.” Ramsey said. They presently have identified eight students who are Tier 3 in RTI which is a more intensive program for helping them. Ramsey discussed how the interventionists and paras are meeting weekly to discuss ideas and brainstorm the best ways to help students. A motion was made to approve the report, it passed unanimously. It was also noted that they have students transferring in specifically because of the Dyslexia program.

Principal Chris Collett then gave the High School report discussing the Robotics trip to Little Rock March 8-10 which is the High School Robotics Rock City Regional Competition. The students will only have to pay $25 per student to attend thanks to a grant from WalMart which is paying $25 per student. Originally the cost was going to be $50 per student.

Student enrollment is up to 745 students which is an increase of 16 since November.  They also approved the transfer of a student into the district.

The board approved a Municipal Advisory Agreement with Stephens, Inc. and it was reported that Stephens will no longer be charging the annual fee of $1250. Rolland said they appreciated Dennis Hunt’s efforts and Jack Truemper has gone over and above to help them in this effort.

Rolland said he had appreciated the extra efforts since dealing with the SWN issues.

They also approved Board Member Trey Reaper to be the public address announcer for baseball games. Reaper abstained from the vote.

The board then went into executive session to discuss personnel matters.