Due to the efforts of a well trained Team of Emergency, Fire and Rescue personnel, a woman was found and recovered after falling approximately 75 feet from a bluff in a remote location. The Sun Times spoke with Chief Scott Cresswell of the Pine Snag/Lobo Fire Department who recited the facts of the incident.

  On February 19, at 6:54 PM Pine Snag/Lobo Fire Department and North Star were paged, and notified that a female had fallen from a bluff. The exact location was unknown, but somewhere approximately two miles south of the 1700 Block of Good Springs Road. Within minutes North Star was in route to the location as well as Chief Scott Cresswell, Assistant Chief Mark Turner, Lieutenants, Ethan Cresswell, and Ryan Yoder. The rest of the Pine Snag/Lobo units quickly followed. Cresswell requested that Wilburn Fire Department be paged with a rescue truck for extra support. After arrival on the scene he indicated that there was no one there, he then attempted to make contact with the person who reported the incident. The call had been made from a neighbors house. Survival Flight was put on standby for support and two search teams made quick attempts to locate the woman from the top of the bluff. Communication was hampered by low or no signal for cell phones and radios in that area. Three First Responders, Cresswell, Turner and E Cresswell, rappelled to the bottom of the bluff, with full gear to search the underside, and firefighter Ryan Yoder and two local residents, J.J. Stevens and Jimmy Solida assisted by going to the nearest entrance on the bottom lands, and attempting to get a vehicle as close as possible to the scene. "Without the assistance of these two men, the outcome may have been different, more difficult anyway" stated Cresswell.

     At 7:48 PM the woman was located and contact was made. She was both conscious and coherent. She was assessed, prepped and readied for transport. By 8:05 PM  Survival Flight had landed. The landing zones, having been set up and manned by the Wilburn PD and John Ed Hendrix from the Cleburne County Sheriffs department. Transferral efforts were hampered by the swiftness and depth of the creek water. Rescuers on one side of the creek could not take a direct route to the team waiting on the other side. A location was eventually found shallow enough to cross and the patient was conveyed across the creek to a waiting truck and transported to the Landing Zone. At 9:15 PM she was loaded into Survival Flight and then delivered to an area hospital.

     Assisting in the rescue, were: from Pine Snag/Lobo FD, Scott Cresswell, Mark Turner, Ethan Cresswell, Ryan Yoder, Mike McElroy, Amy Turner, Andrew Hardwick, Ryan Evans, Angela Parker, Jason Jones and Colby McElroy. From the Wilburn Fire Department, Brian Siler, Willie Baker, Cyndi Redd, Bobby Hill, Ivery Hill, Dennis Martin, Tonya Martin, Todd Maples and JoAnna Vaughan, North Star 2901, from the Cleburne County Sheriff's Department, John Ed Hendrix and local residents, J.J. Stevens and Jimmy Solida. Chief Cresswell wants to express to all personnel, "Job well done, many thanks for your support, from the crew at Pine Snag/Lobo fire Department".

     The  39 year old female was not a resident of Cleburne County and is reported to be doing well and looking forward to going home from the hospital in a few days.