In the early morning hours of Wednesday, February 28, the recent heavy rains created a dangerous situation in Pangburn. The Sun Times talked with Mayor David Wilson who shared the details of that morning.

     Wilson states that the Pangburn Fire Department was paged out at approximately 4:00 AM. Residents of the Dripping Springs area had experienced a rush of high water and had concerns about whether an evacuation, or rescue might be necessary. When the fire department arrived on the scene, the water levels were far lower than the residents had reported, although debris, and standing water remained. Water marks as high as three feet were indicated on homes, garages and crawl spaces had been flooded. The responders found that the water was flowing away from the residences at that time, and the river was not overflowing its banks. In the darkness it was hard to ascertain exactly what had occurred. The fire department determined that the residents were not in immediate danger and made the decision to reassess the situation in daylight.

    Once dawn arrived it became apparent that an old railroad trestle that acted as a levy, had collapsed and released a rush of water. Wilson states "It just cut that mountain top in half". The trestle was approximately sixty feet tall, with a driveway built across the top, and a pond on the other side. The pond had overflowed, and although the underside of the trestle contained a drainage system, it is presumed to have clogged with debris causing the trestle to collapse from the bottom up. The resulting rush of water toppled trees, tore a large gash in the hillside and sent a surge of water across the road to nearby residences. There were no personal injuries reported related to the incident, although utilities, including fibre optics were damaged, and the effects were felt as far away as little rock. Wilson states that up to thirty utility trucks had been working in that area trying to restore services.

     During the incident, Larry Williams, an Officer with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, rescued an owl misplaced by the flood.