Vickie Casey's farm in Enola, Arkansas is home to more than 150 miniature pigs. The Sun Times talked with Casey about her unusual pets on Saturday while at the Anglers Expo and Outdoor Show, where Casey had her piglets as part of the children's entertainment. As we spoke she was cuddling five week old Shadow, a tiny black, mini, who whimpered, and squealed, each time she was disturbed.  "They bond with you very quickly" said Casey.

     It's only been in the last four years that "The Pig Lady" began breeding the miniature pigs for pets, and as a business venture, although she has had a love for pigs since childhood. She entertains at parties, and events,  as well as selling the Mini's for pets. She states that they make wonderful house pets, "They are so affectionate, they have me spoiled".  She has six in her home that are litter tray trained, although they can be trained to go outdoors also. When full grown the pigs are approximately 15 inches tall or about the size of an English bulldog. The mini's sell for between $150.00 and $350.00 each, depending on size of parents, age, and color, with the Juliana, known as the miniature painted pig, being the most expensive. On average each litter produces five to seven piglets. Casey says that they are very easy to care for. At one year old the mini pigs eat about one cup of Pig and Sow food, twice a day as well as whatever fruit and vegetables you care to give them. They require vaccinations, a well balanced diet, deworming twice a year, and lots of love.

     Casey will soon be moving to Quitman to a farm with more acreage to expand her business. If you are interested in having the pigs at an event or want to purchase one for a pet "The Pig Lady" can be reached at 501-764-7169.