A first time event for Heber Springs, the Ziggy Pepper Chili Cook Off, was held at the Community Center as part of the Anglers Expo and outdoor show. The event drew participants from all over the country. The Sun Times talked with Kristi Tobey, of Beebe, who along with her husband, Roy Tobey were participating to honor their cousin, Bo Prewitt.

     The event was a sanctioned International Chili Society event, which gives you chance to qualify for the International World competition. The Tobey's cousin, Prewitt did just that. He finished fourth in 2016 at the International World Championships, held in Reno, Nevada. Tragically Prewitt, of North Little Rock, passed away on April 24, 2017 due to complications from kidney disease. Tobey states that Prewitt served chili for approximately 40 years and is missed greatly.

     The winners of the Traditional Red Chili were, 1st place, Mike Barber from Oklahoma, 2nd Roy Tobey from Arkansas and 3rd Henry Stephan's from Mississippi. People's Choice winners were, 1st place, Justin Goad from Oklahoma, 2nd Henry Stephens from Mississippi and 3rd place went to Tom Shurgar from Arkansas.

   Four  states were represented, a team from Madison, WI, one world champion & one 2018 winner from Illinois regional cook off.

     The Chili Cook off and Anglers Expo and Outdoor Show