At the Quitman Board of Education meeting held on March 12, 2018, both High School Principal Krysta Parker and Elementary School Principal Michael Stacks reported improvement in overall student test scores. The Every Student Succeeds Act (2015), replaces the No Child Left Behind act and allows the schools themselves to help in designing their own accountability systems.

     With ESSA, the criteria on which schools are measured us as follows, for elementary and middle school, results from state standardized testing in science, math, and reading, English language proficiency, at least one non-academic measure and one other academic measure. For high school students, results on state standardized tests in math, reading, and science, English language proficiency, graduation rates, and at least one non-academic measure. The non-academic measure must be the same for all schools in the state. Every three years the state use this data to identify schools in need of improvement.

     Superintendent Dennis Truxler states construction on the new science building is set to start anytime. Delk Construction, located in Searcy is the builder. Three bids were taken for cameras for use in the school buses, as replacements for the poorly functioning ones currently in operation.The board decided to go with PRO-VISION, the lowest bidder. The PRO-VISION system places one camera on the bus driver and three throughout the bus. The cost to purchase the system is $31,344.00 and comes with a five-year warranty.

     In other business, the proposed 2-year budget was approved, as was the 2018-2019 School Calendar. The next board meeting is scheduled for April 17, 2018, at 6:00 PM.