Members of the Cleburne County Search and Rescue Team gathered on March 13, 2018, for an open discussion on ways to advance their team. The meeting was led by Head Director Scott Cresswell, who is also Chief of the Pine/Snag Lobo Fire Department.

     The Fire and Rescue Team consists of a diversified group of individuals, with wide-ranging amounts of expertise and training. All of the members are volunteer fireman from departments across the county who have united to form one cohesive unit. The team discussed what prerequisite training was necessary, what additional training was available, the knowledge and skills each department brings to the team, and the correct protocol to develop consistency and promote standardization within the team.

     Fire and Rescue is a secondary group that assists other local emergency services when there is someone in distress, lost or missing, and in locating, rescuing, and giving aid to injured people in wilderness areas. Cresswell emphasized the importance of unified field command with the members and following the correct chain of command to lesson confusion at the scene and promote goodwill between the Agencies involved. Local churches have opened their doors to assist the group should there be a need. In an emergency event, the churches can be used as staging areas to keep traffic at a minimum, maintain order at the scene and give rescuers a place to assemble.

     Members of the team are Scott Cresswell, Michael Chambers, Steven Cole, Jeremy McClung, Austin Miller, Phyllis Hipp, Chance Schueren, Andrew Hardwick, Brian Siler, Brandon Laster, Bo England, Jason Jones, Scott Duncan, Mike McElroy, Ethan Cresswell, Chris Hill, Colby McElroy, Lane Carter, Joanna Vaughan, Ethan Carlton, Karen Siler, Dean Galloway, Blake Tinnin, Cynthia Redd, Bobby Hill, Angela Parker, Ivery Hill, Bryce Burns, Mitchell Maples and Michael Dungon.

     The 30 members of the Search and Rescue Team generously give of their time to provide a valuable service to our community in unfavorable circumstances. The skilled volunteer group is designed to search for, locate, and provide aid for those in distress or danger.