The Heber Springs School Board met recently with quite a few items on the agenda  including opening bids on a school truck. Gary Redd, President opened the meeting and began by approval of the agenda and the minutes from the February meeting.  Superintendent Alan Stauffacher gave the financial report beginning with the beginning balance of the  2016-2017 school year $3,624,262.62 and the beginning balance for this year being $3,507232.46.

Revenue for 2016-2017 was $516, 816.17 and for 537,095.26 which is an increase.  Expenditures for 2016-2017 were $1,041,416.66 and for 2018-2019 were $972,221.71. The ending balance for 2016-2017 was $3,088,494.40 and for 2018-2019 is $3,067,772.55. When asked about the SWN lawsuit Stauffacher said it has been on the quiet side. He added they have made some projections by June 30. Some discussion about buying a new bus was made. The financial report was approved. The band was going to be recognized but no one was present so it was tabled til next month. Judy Crowder brought up the FCCLA students who have recently been at State competition and one was going to Nationals. Lori Cantrell was also given a Master Advisor award.

They accepted a student transfer and approved a new hire for 7th grade science and accepted the resignations of Dusty Combs and Jerry Healey.

They then discussed the LED lease for lighting that was brought up at the last meeting. Dan Lovelady with First Security Beardsley explained the lease purchase that would be in place to cover the lighting project.

“As financial advisor to the district we try to make sure we have the best price for the district. U.S. Bank Corp. came in with the lowest bid on interest” Lovelady said.

After some discussion regarding U.S. Bank being the bank in question, Bryce Farmer left the room since he works for U.S. Bank. After the board discussed a misprint in the paperwork, the resolution was approved as amended. The issue was there are 10 payments over five years which was listed as over 10 years. They will receive a rebate  of $63,863.52, as an incentive to purchase the lights, from the electric company.

This project will update lighting in all buildings in an effort to save energy and money.

The board then signed a financial agreement with First Security Beardsley regarding the handling of their financial interests. Lovelady explained what they do for the district and listed the services they offer for free. Kevin Thomas asked Lovelady about bond refinancing and where they were with that. Lovelady explained the bond issue and refinancing.

They then opened the land bid on the property that was donated for the HIPPY program.

The winning bid was $5,001. They voted to accept that bid.

They moved on to open the bid on the school truck they were selling because the transmission had quit. They voted to accept the bid.

The next item was cell phone policies. They discussed various policies which are in place at other districts and after discussion, they agreed to do more research on this policy and vote on it at a later time. Stauffacher said he did this to generate communication on this issue. There needs to be some policy in place to discourage issues that have been occuring at the campus. There have been cases of pictures being taken in locker rooms and distributed that were taken without the subjects knowledge. The hardest thing with the policy is the policing of it. Parents should help the district by not calling students while they are at school unless it is an emergency. The board discussed that the policy must be consistent between classrooms as well. In the event of an active shooter incident a person with their cell phone on becomes a target for a shooter.

They moved on to the 2019-2020 proposed budget which, by law they must have in place before the election.

The GATE students are requesting permission to attend an out of state field trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend a Renaissance Festival. The board approved the trip.

The board discussed the bid for new security to be added to make the school safer by not allowing access to the buildings as freely as they have in the past.  This would add camera systems that will allow principals and the school resource officers to view from their smartphones. This will allow the buildings to be more secure.

The last item on the agenda was a temporary contract with Mathews Physical Therapy to provide speech therapy due to one of the speech therapists having a baby and being out on maternity leave.

The board then adjourned the meeting.