The Heber Springs Humane Society and Animal Control celebrated the sterilization of their 800th cat (454 females, 346 males) on March 27th, 2018, under the Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program instituted on January 1, 2016.  The 454 female cats that was sterilized means we have stopped these females from having a minimum of 6,000 kittens.  All 6,000 kittens would not have lived due to death at birth, killed by predators or the male cats, or run over by cars.  It is our goal to sterilize at least 300 cats in 2018 to save more kittens from being born but we will need your help with donations our funds are very low at this time.

Under the TNR program, which is entirely funded by tax deductible donations and grants, volunteers trap or catch feral/homeless cats within Heber Springs and Cleburne County.  The cats are then sterilized, receive a rabies shot, and have the tip of their left ear clipped off then returned to their outdoor homes where they are being fed by the kind people.  You can see cats with tipped left ears all over Heber Springs just start looking for them and you will know they have been sterilized and received a rabies shot.

The advantage of our TNR program means no more kittens and gradually stabilized cat population, noise and odor are dramatically reduced, and rodent control is maintained.   Wendy Hosman, Humane Society Manager, says she can see the positive results of this program with less cats and kittens being brought to our Humane Society.

A large percentage of the cats we have sterilized are just homeless and at one time was someone’s pet that was either lost or abandoned.  Our 800th cat lives near our McDonald’s restaurant.  We were told a mother cat and her 3 six-month-old kittens were around the restaurant area.  Not only did we catch these 4 cats but also caught 1 female and 3 male cats for a total of 8 cats which have now been sterilized and will no longer produce kittens.

We need more people to spread the word about this program so we get more people calling us to help with the sterilization of the feral/homeless cats.  We need to stop the poor kittens from being born.

We have been able to sterilize the 800 cats due to the generosity of Heber Springs and Cleburne County residents’ donations. We also have many residents donating the $45.00 per cat for the cats living in their area as we have them sterilized.  

Our program has been successful due to the help of our three veterinarians, Dr. Braden Cato, Dr. Ryan Sartin, and Dr. Bradley Self, sterilizing our cats for a reduced price for us. 

Visit our facebook page; Heber Springs Trap, Neuter, Return which is updated each week.  We also feature some stories and pictures of the cats we have sterilized.  To keep this program going we need your tax-deductible donations; any amount will make a difference.  Send donations to Heber Springs Humane Society-TNR, P.O. Box 401, Heber Springs, AR 72543.

For more information on our TNR program you can call Mary David 501 270-2143, Amy Stewart 501 206-0729 or the Heber Springs Humane Society 501 362-7322.