The Sugarloaf Heritage Council met April 6,2018 at ASU Heber Springs. Those in attendance were President Neil Beisenstein, Sarah Carter, Angie Collins and Jo Price. ASU Representatives were absent because of a college obligation.

The president called the meeting to order. The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and a motion by Sarah Carter seconded by Angie Collins led to a vote for their approval. Collins gave the Treasurers’ report. She stated that she did not yet have the reconciliation from the Chamber Foundation and that they still had glitches in the software. She stated that since the last meeting there had been deposits of $460.00. That included T-Shirt and medallion sales from the expo, two memberships and a donation of $250.00 leaving us with a balance of $29109.90. She stated that she will email the complete report when it is ready.

Under fundraising she mentioned that they  are now able to receive money on Pay Pal. However, that has drawbacks since there is a charge to us to use it and no good way to get the money out without incurring an additional charge.

The group had a generalized discussion about the approach Collins will use when she goes around to the banks to ask for their contributions this year.

Collins had been in contact with the T-shirt vendor and she has confirmed that they will get them for the same price as before. The minimum order is 24 shirts of any one color. Collins will take responsibility for ordering the T shirts in time for Springfest and heritage day.

Jeff Baggett was not able to be present but had asked the group to suggest placement locations for "you are here" signs on the trails and he had left an example sign for viewing. They decided on four locations. These were marked and the information left for Baggett.

They discussed the work day which is scheduled for May 12 at noon and it was agreed that they need Baggett to make a list of work that needs to be  done. This could potentially be divided into categories such as pick up trash and sticks from trails, bridge building, moving gravel, etc. so they could possibly have supervised children for one group and possibly adults with skills and tools for another. If they had those lists then perhaps they can get the appropriate volunteers lined up.

It was noted that the next scheduled meeting is May 4. All members are strongly urged to make that meeting because they will need to finalize our assignments for the workday and for Springfest/Heritage day.

Carter will send out emails to all members alerting them to the workday and Springfest / Heritage day