(Editor’s Note, this is another in the series to help inform the voters about the candidates)

J. Todd Slayton sat down with The Sun Times recently to let voters know why he is running for Justice of the Peace, District 10. “I’m raising a family here and it’s where I call home. I’ve lived here all my life and will probably die here. It’s where I call home.” said Slayton.

Slayton points to having six years experience on city council (in Pangburn) and four years as Mayor (of Pangburn). He has dealt with budgets, grants, has been on the Fire department, police department and has worked with other Mayors, as well as Quorum Court members.”This gives me knowledge of what it takes to be a Quorum Court member.”

Slayton feels that the current Quorum Court members and the County Judge work well together and are doing a good job now. The seat he is running for is a vacant seat, it is the seat of Willie Stone who passed away last year. “I’m hoping to contribute and bring something to the court.”

He feels that drugs are the number one problem for the County right now. He also thinks that growth could become an issue in the future. “We need to know how to handle more residents and the traffic that will come with a growing population. We need to be sure we handle it properly.”

He hopes that people will realize he has the experience to do the job and asks for the support of the district.