The Courtney for Arkansas Campaign learned earlier today that the Judicial Crisis Network, located in Washington DC, recently purchased over $700,000.00 of television advertising in the Little Rock market and over $500,000 in northwest Arkansas.  JCN purchased over $180,000 last week, in both markets, for false ads about Justice Goodson.  This brings the grand total to over $1.5 million.

“This is an unprecedented amount of dark money to be spent in a judicial race, “ Justice Courtney Goodson stated.  “This brings the total of false advertising, that this shadow organization is spending, to over $1.5 million to buy a Justice on the Arkansas Supreme Court.”

“I am shocked that this amount of money would be spent.  I do not know who they are trying to buy, but it is obvious that I am not for sale.  My campaign does not have the money to refute this overwhelming false advertising push so my only hope is to depend on the people of Arkansas to see through this manipulative tactic and not be fooled. I encourage people to go the Arkansas Ethics Commission website and search for reprimands or fines against me or my campaign.  I assure you there are none. “

Goodson has spent 10 years on the appellate court, serving two years on the Arkansas Court of Appeals and 8 years on the Supreme Court.

An update was sent which reads:

The Rapid Response Team comprised of Judge Audrey Evans, Hal Bass, Elizabeth Andreoli, Danyelle Walker, and Roy Ockert Jr. is charged by the Arkansas Judicial Campaign Conduct & Education Committee, Inc. to investigate advertising claims in judicial races in Arkansas.  This team has found the Judicial Crisis Network to be guilty of false or misleading advertising against the Justice Courtney Goodson campaign.

“Today I have been vindicated by the Rapid Response Team for what I’ve said all along are defamatory statements about me made by faceless cowards.  Why do they want to spend 1.5 million dollars to buy a seat on the Arkansas Supreme Court?  Many people in our state would like to ask them, but we don’t know who they are or where they are hiding.”

The Rapid Response Team reviewed the information submitted and determined that the Justice Courtney Goodson Campaign met its initial burden to support its complaint that Judicial Crisis Network’s advertisements are false or misleading.

The Rapid Response Team concluded, “Justice Courtney Goodson did not request a pay raise.  The Supreme Court speaks with one voice and that voice is the voice of its Chief.  It would be a violation of Justice Goodson’s duty of confidentiality to reveal how she voted for a pay raise.  In addition, Justice Courtney Goodson did not hear cases that were filed by or on behalf of a Donor.  Because Justice Goodson recused from hearing those cases, donors did not receive benefits from Justice Goodson.”

With validation from the Rapid Response Team, the Justice Courtney Goodson Campaign demands that all advertising venues remove these false or misleading ads immediately from circulation.

More information about the Rapid Response Team, as well as their published findings on this issue, can be found on their website: