After Prom 2018 was a huge success thanks to the many companies and people who donated to the After Prom Committee.  We were super excited to have 171 kids attend.  All remained safe while having a blast and making awesome memories.  The teens stayed active all night with games, bouncy houses, twister, hoola-hoop, ping-pong, spike it, corn-hole and delicious food.   Jeremy Bivens was a fabulously fun DJ who kept spirits lively.  We were able to rent three bouncy houses that were greatly enjoyed by all.   Thank you to First United Methodist Church for loaning us the perennial favorite game, 9 square.  We were also thrilled to be able to bring back the hypnotist, Kerry Sharp, for another hilarious performance.  One of the highlights was when he had the hypnotized kids building sandcastles on the gym floor and “talking on the phone” via their shoe.   The ping pong tournament provided a great opportunity for some friendly competition between its 32 players.  Beau Tucker was the grand champion ping pong player this year. 

We feel blessed to live in a small community that supports our kids so generously.  Thank you to all our local businesses!  Over 135 door prizes were given out, and 32 large prizes were raffled off.  A sampling of the big ticket items included a Yetti Cooler, kayak, tv’s, jewelry, fit bit, instant camera, Xbox, hammock and wakeboard.  Being able to offer such amazing gifts and door prizes makes After Prom the event that no Junior or Senior wants to miss.  Thank you also to all the parents who helped make this event a success.  We had 28 parents who chaperoned at all kinds of crazy hours in the morning, and many who worked tirelessly in advance to secure donations. It really does “take a village to raise a child.”  We are truly grateful to all in our village who contributed to keeping our kids safe.