On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, the Volunteers were treated to a reception in appreciation of their hard work and volunteered hours.   Our awesome group of Auxiliary members worked a total of 7,928:75 hours in 2017.  These hours were earned by 43 members.  Our members with the most hours were Patricia Howard with 1525:25 hours, Mary Catherine Propes with 602:00, Sandy Antinok with 582:00, Gail Moore-Ralston with 509:00, and GiGi Frank with 418:50.  It was emphasized that volunteers with just a few hours are still very important to the hospital.  It is amazing that this many people are willing to give their time, to get up early when they wouldn’t have too, to get dressed and to come in regardless of the weather, etc.  We have two members that have reached the 10 year mark: Vickie Bryant and Wilda Ginn.  Two have reached the 5 year mark: LaRue Henry and Mindy McGahhey.  The members with the most years of service are Betty Christ, Pat Uecker, and Audrey Moore, all joining in 1999.

Some highlights from 2017: Our Auxiliary received a 5-Star rating at the state convention.  Patricia Howard was selected by the state as Auxilian of Year.  We awarded scholarships to three area students interested in the medical field.  We were able to purchase several items for the hospital and the Baptist clinics.  


Volunteer pins were presented, trivia games were played, a buffet with delicious food was prepared, and enjoyed by all.   

Our theme for the reception was The Heart of a Volunteer Spreads Sunshine@.   The hospital is very glad that our Volunteers have chosen to spread their sunshine here@. 

If you would like to join our wonderful Auxiliary, please stop by the hospital (Level I across from the cafeteria) to pick up an application or you may call Freda @ 501-887-3284.