The Medley Club began back in 1947 as a women’s club associated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Approximately 17 members got together at the Red Apple Inn and Country Club recently for their last official meeting.

Several ladies including Tommye Kelly, Becky Thompson, Dot Duncan, Kathy Shell among others shared stories from their years in the club.

Tommye Kelly shared how once at a meeting a lady asked Kelly her age, Kelly responded (tongue in cheek) 29. The lady responded by saying, “You’re much to young to have all those wrinkles.”

Becky Thompson shared how she remembered the great installation programs that Dot did. Kathy Shell added how Dot used to make them aprons. Several ladies said they still had theirs.

Dot Duncan shared stories from District meetings that were held in Batesville and about a sewing contest where she made an outfit and won at District and went to State. She also shared about a fashion show that she wrote the script for and the members made dresses from flour sacks. She said there wasn’t much to do in Heber Springs back then so, “We made our own entertainment.”

Karen Bowie told how when she was asked to be activities chairman and had a tea party with her Mom’s teacups and teapots, made little sandwiches and the 25 ladies who came wore hats and gloves.

Jeanie Taylor said her best memory was about giving dictionaries to students and she read a letter from a student thanking them for the dictionaries.

Kathy Shell said, “It has been such a pleasure to be in Medley Club. I’ve met people I might not have if not for Medley Club.” She then told the group they had purchased two books in honor of Dot Duncan and Tommye Kelly and gave the balance of their funds to the children’s library.