Zeke was the K9 Deputy for the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office since 2012. Due to ongoing health issues Zeke wasn’t able to continue serving the Sheriff’s Department any longer. Zeke was retired on Friday, June 8 at the Ozark Animal Clinic.

With approximately 40 supporters in attendance, Zeke’s handler, Jeff McLain, carried him into the Ozark Animal Clinic one final time. Two lines were formed as McLain and Zeke went in the clinic, with few dry eyes watching.

"It was a respectful fitting tribute for an officer that we're not going to see anymore," Brown says.

"To do any less than that wouldn't be right."

With Zeke’s collar in his hand, McLain walked back to the truck where Zeke rode with him.

Sheriff Chris Brown said, "You know he got to where his health wouldn't allow him to do the job anymore."  Brown went on to say, "Zeke had an impact on several people's lives."

Brown actually retired Zeke from duty last year. In December, after a fundraiser, the department welcomed Zinney to the department as the lone K9 officer.